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Kalevala Hammer house rules

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Just to let you all (well, probably many allready do, so remind you) know that there is number of house rules on my site. And that my "updated" new site has also a new address. Kalevala Hammer features rules for all the versions of Warhammer.


Kalevala Hammer


For WFRP3 use I have number of maps (Norsca, Nuln, Albion...) and large number of new cards (mostly connected to the Norsca Project).


Also Universal Rules & Timelines page features number of rules/documents for all the versions:

  • Alcohol & Tobacco Expansion (with cards)
  • Carnivals & Festivals (any new cards needed can be found from other pages)
  • The Northmen (with cards)
  • Rune Expansion (with cards)
  • Storm of Chaos Timeline
  • Timeline 2400-2499
  • Timeline 2500-
  • Travel Distances in the Empire (and beyond)
  • Warhamme World Languages
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