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New FAQ hasn't dropped just yet, but FYI -

The Call of Cthulhu Support site has been updated with downloadable copies of the latest rulebook from the Core set reprint, as well as the rule sheets included in the 'Seekers of Knowledge' and 'The Key and the Gate' deluxe expansions that introduced the new 'Prophecy' and 'Fated' keywords respectively.

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Here's what's changed --

Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game - FAQ/Errata Version 3.3

Summons of the Deep - The Antediluvian Dreams
Eat the Dead (F56)
Should read: “Disrupt: When attached character is destroyed...”

Summons of the Deep - The Terror of the Tides
Clever Zoog (F76)
Should have the “Zoog” trait.

Dreamlands - Journey to the Unknown Kadath
Magah Bird (Dreamlands F110)
Should read: “Response: After Magah Bird enters play, search your deck for a character named Magah Bird and put it into your hand.”

The Order of the Silver Twilight
Glaaki (F78)
Should read: “... That character loses all icons and must commit to the same story as Glaaki until the end of the phase, if able.”

The Rituals of the Order - Perilous Trials
Bloodthirsty Star Spawn (F4)
Should read: “Disrupt: When you would win a Combat struggle...”

The Terror in Venice
Savio Corvi (F38)
Should read, “While there is at least 1 Conspiracy card in play, Savio Corvi gains, “Night, It is Night. After Savio Corvi comes into play, destroy all Day cards. Savio Corvi is immune to non-Day card effects.”

Restricted List
+ Ravager of the Deep (Core F46)
+ Diseased Sewer Rats (Secrets of Arkham F44)
- Negotium Perambulans in Tenebris (Forgotten Lore F80)
- Descendant of Eibon (Summons of the Deep F75)
+ Obsessive Insomniac (Dreamlands F110)
+ Magah Bird (Dreamlands F110)
+ Temple of R’lyeh (Ancient Relics F73)
+ Master of Myths (Ancient Relics F101)
+ Alternative Historian (Seekers of Knowledge F15)
+ Por XV 14:19 (Seekers of Knowledge F44)
+ Interstellar Migration (The Key and the Gate F37)

Banned List
- Diseased Sewer Rats (Secrets of Arkham F44)
- Magah Bird (Dreamlands F110)

(2.4) “Reveal”
A card that is currently revealed by a card effect cannot be revealed by another card effect.

(2.32) Playing Events
... An event card whose effect triggers from the discard pile does not leave the discard pile.

Is it possible to search for The Mage’s Machinations (Terror in Venice F20) with Hall of Champions (Revelations F20)?
Yes. The Mage’s Machinations was designed by Tom Capor for being the 2011 World Champion. Thus, it is searchable with the Hall of Champions.

Does Snow Graves (Forgotten Lore F15) prevent a player from triggering Studying the Void’s (The Key and the Gate F35) Response while it is in the discard pile?
No. There is a difference between triggering an event card from the discard pile and playing an event card form the discard pile. As per section 2.32 (Playing Events) of this FAQ, the Snow Graves would prevent the event from leaving the discard pile if you were to play it to use its “Action” effect. Snow Graves however has no effect on the “Response” effect which can only be triggered from the discard pile.

Can Hali’s Directive (Denizens of the Underworld F 47) cancel a character’s passive ability, such as the one on Mr. David Pan (Ancient Relics F43)?
No, passive abilities cannot be cancelled.

If I use Khopesh of the the Abyss (Ancient Relics F16) to destroy a character by wounding it. Would I be able to put Matthew Alexander (Seekers of Knowledge F7) into play?
Yes, the character recieving a wound and as a result being destroyed fufills the condition on Matthew Alexander of a character leaving play from a card effect.

When I use Fleeting Guise (Terror in Venice F55) to “choose a character” is the chosen character considered to be a targeted character, even though it doesn’t use the word target?
Yes, all tenses of the word choose (choose, chooses, chose, or chosen) are indicators of targeting.

How does the card Hand of Aforgomon (The Key and the Gate F14) interact with other cards that raise or lower the skill of characters?
The Hand of Aforgomon always causes other characters at the same story to have their skill considered 0. This applies even if other effects have raised or lowered those character’s skill.


Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game - Tournament Rules Version 3.0

5. Tournament And Match Structure
Tiers of Tournament Play
Fantasy Flight Games’ Organized Play events are broken into three tiers of play. Each tier communicates what expectations the players, judges, and tournament organizers should have when they are involved with a Call of Cthulhu LCG tournament. In addition, the Competitive and Premier tiers ensure that no matter where a tournament is held, it will be run with the same standards of play and rules enforcement as other tournaments of the same kind around the world.
Casual events stress fun and a friendly atmosphere. These events help build local communities and are a great way for new players to experience their favorite game without worrying whether they know every little rule. This tier may include leagues, weekly game nights, and any event using a Call of Cthulhu LCG variant.
Competitive events require players to have general knowledge of a game’s rules. While experienced players will come to these events to compete for prizes, players should not be punished for their lack of understanding in the finer points of Call of Cthulhu LCG rules. Players can come to these events expecting a consistent experience from store to store. This tier includes Store Championships and unique, one-off events such as the X-Wing™ Wave 4 Assault at Imdaar Alpha event or the Android: Netrunner Chronos Protocol Tour.
Premier events are the highest level of competition for Fantasy Flight Games tournaments, and all players, judges, and tournament organizers involved are held to the highest levels of conduct. Players are assumed to be familiar with the game’s rules, as well as the latest FAQ and tournament rules, and should expect all rules to be strictly enforced. Regional Championships, National Championships, and World Championships are premier events.

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