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Jinteki - A Rookie Replicates Perfection

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Hi, Fellow Netrunners :)


So, like many others about here, I come with first attempt at deck building in hand, and seek the wisdom and knowledge of greater minds for their input.  Comments, criticisms and witticisms welcomed. 



3x Fetal AI

3x Nisei Mk II

2x Priority Aquisition

2x Unorthodox Predictions


ASSET (15)

2x Aggressive Secretary**

2x Project Junebug

3x Sundew

3x Shock!

2x Snare!

2x Toshiyaki Sakai

1x Zaibatsu Loyalty



2x Archived Memories**

2x Celebrity Gift

2x Hedge Fund

2x Shipment from Kaguya*

2x Trick of Light



2x Himitsu Bako

1x Wall of Thorns



1x Bullfrog

2x Enigma



2x Neural Katana

1x Shadow*

1x Tsurugi

1x Uroboros**


TRAP (3)

3x Whirlpool




INFLUENCE = 13 of 15 



Looking to enter my first tournament very shortly and I find myself asking the question, "Are you ready, Rookie?". I'm not I need more ICE, perhaps a single copy of something super to bring in with Priority Acquisition? Or will my corps ability, traps and mind games assist in filling the gap?  Also, credits. Do I gots enough?



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You definitely don't have enough economy. One way to do that might be to substitute your unorthodox predictions with profiteering. It's a great credit boost when you score and Jinteki doesn't care that much about bad pub because you're not looking to tax the corp through super strong ice anyways.


Depending on what you want to do with this deck you're also a little light on ice. Jinteki can get away with having a little bit less ice then usual (usally you want 17-20 ice in your deck) you also have some ice that just doesn't do a whole lot for you (bullfrog and whirlpool seem like they might be awesome ice to try and get the runner to hit your traps but you'll find it rarely works out that way). So may be shore up your defenses with some more ice. This will probably be the best place for you to spend your 2 remaining influence.


Just FYI while this type of a deck is very fun to play it is not the most consistent deck to take to a tournament. Most of the time you'll see that strong runners will avoid your traps and simply focus on your centrals. Since Jinteki doesn't have great ice to stop the runner they can usually get in often enough that the click inefficiency that RP provides just isn't enough to slow them down.

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Gratitude! Appreciate the advice :)  


Considered Profiteering, but wasn't sure how negative bad publicity might be. 


As for the traps, I see what you mean.  In order to use these two does it require more focus?  Supporting them with Chum and a loophole (forget its name) so that you get more of a chance for Bullfrog to work (aided by Unorthodox Predictions) on the main servers to force a Runner into a trap on an external they cannot escape.  I guess that's a lot to setup...  a one trick pony, but in this game it seems that quite often all you need is one trick at the right moment to flatline.  


In a tourney situation, is it simply better to approach Jinteki as a mass damage dealing deck rather than mind games?

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Jinteki is coming along nicely in terms of power but they are not quite there yet when compared with all of the other corporations. Their ice is not strong enough to withstand the kind of pounding that runners usually put on you. Both RP and PE can be played well and can certainly win you games but it will take more skill then playing with a different corporation.


The whirpool->chum->cell portal (or even better whirpool->chum->chum->cell portal) supported by corporate troubleshooter is pretty awesome when you can pull it off. The problem really does become that you won't be able to pull it off often enough to have a winning record in a tournament. Some people don't care about winning every game they play and there is nothing wrong with that. I just wanted to give you a heads up to not get discouraged.


Also you should definitely try playing with Caprice Nisei. I don't think she is as strong as some others seem to believe she is but she is certainly a very good card that can help you win games, especially in RP. If you're looking for something to cut I'd replace the Toshiyuki Sakais. As someone said in a review: you won a mind game and got the runner to run on something that wasn't an agenda. What does Toshyuki Sakai get you? Another mind game...

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See what you mean about Toshiyuki :/


I don't have Caprice...I wasn't aware she was available as least over here (that might be why the store is having an event, as a consequence of the latest release...).


Thanks again on the advice :)

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I don't like Profiteering in Jinteki RP; making your remotes too expensive to run regularly is hard when you've given them bad pub to work with.  That said, someone local pointed out that Elizabeth Mills > Restoring Face cleans up a Profiteering nicely.


You don't need many traps, just enough to keep the runner wary.  Ice that bleeds them of resources when facechecking centrals (Enigma, Wall of Thorns) mixed with efficient ice on remotes (Eli 1.0) makes it expensive to run remotes, especially combined with upgrades that cost cash to beat (Ash, Red Herrings), so the runner looks at the advanced card and just lets you score it.

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