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Errant Knight

Because Navis Primer wasn't good enough

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1.       Divining the Auguries

a.       Good Portents – bonus to all tests (performed by priests with -20 for others) during this Warp voyage

b.       Bad Portents – penalty to all tests (Captain/Missionary can negate Bad Portents) during this Warp voyage


2.       Locating the Astronomicon

a.       Navigator tests Psyniscience (House rituals affect this test)

 i.      Obscured                            -10

 ii.      Shrouded                           -20

 iii.      Warp Antennae                +20

 iv.      Lightless                

Success = Bonus to steering = +10 per success

Failure = Penalty to steering = -10 per success


3.       Steering the Vessel

a.       Modifiers

 i.      Quality Charts                    -10/+10/+20

 ii.     Warpsbane Hull                   +10

 iii.     Bellecane Geller Field         +10

 iv.    Fleet Flag Bridge               +5

 v.      Runecaster                        +20

vi.      Warp Sextant                     +20

vii.      Stable Route                     +10

viii.      Unstable                           +0

ix.      Surly                                   -10

x.      Haunted                               -20

b.      Success = All’s Well; successes accrue toward required distance

            i.      Eldar Runecasters double the number of successes (I decided to do away with the speed of the Miloslav drives but you can do what you want.  They already require less power for no extra cost, so I'm leaving it at that.  They cost less power but bring more danger.  I'd bet people still use them more than other drives.)

c.       Failure = encounter check

i.     Failure                             Warp currents

ii.    Failure by 1 degree         Aetheric Breakers

iii.   Failure by 2 degrees       Warp Sickness

iv.   Failure by 3 degrees       Warp Storm

v.    Failure by 4 degrees       Void Kraken

vi.   Failure by 5 degrees       Demon Incursion

vii.  Bellecane Fields             add 2 degrees of failure

viii.  Warp Antennae              add 1 degree of failure

ix.    Miloslav Engines            add 1 degree of failure

x.    Warpsbane Hulls             reduce 1 degree of failure


4.       Leaving the Warp – check for time to docking/orbit – Navigation (Stellar) test


Aetheric Current – The voyage might seem short or long but accurate time is lost and cannot be corrected until the ship leaves the Warp and the Astropath re-establishes contact.


Aetheric Breakers – Navigator warns the pilot, who tests to avoid or the ship takes 1d10+2 damage, ignoring shields.  A “10” also indicates a possible critical hit, though only exterior components can take damage.  Let's hope it isn't your Geller Field.


Warp Sickness – The weakest members of the crew are affected first, but the malady spreads rapidly.  There are 3 basic types of Warp Sickness, the one that causes actual illness, the one that causes insanity, and the one that causes corruption.  Test Toughness or Willpower, as necessary, and keep testing it for the length of the voyage, or until the malady is cured.  All types of sickness spread through the crew, incapacitating them, reducing both Crew and Morale.


Warp Storm – Exit the Warp or the pilot tests to avoid damage 1d10 times, taking 1d10 to the vessel for every degree of failure.  Continue with the tests until the storm abates or the Warp is exited.  If the ship exits the Warp, start the voyage over, except the vessel is deep in voidspace.


Void Kraken – S3, WS 50, 1d10+2, Crit 5, Armor 0, Hull 50.  Can be avoided by successful Navigation.  The Void Kraken can be escaped from by Piloting with 3 degrees of success in a single test, or by an extended test with 7 successes.


Demon Incursion – Increasing incursion begins as swarms of demonic bugs attacking the crew and machinery in an attempt to disable the Geller Field.  The Navigator can dispel this attempt with a Test of the Soul.  If the Navigator fails the Test of the Soul, the crew will eventually be overcome by the swarms.  Inflict 1d5 on the vessel, Crew, and Morale for every test the Navigator makes.


Routes of the Koronus Expanse


1.  The Maw – the Maw, from Port Wander to Footfall, requires a single success to navigate.  If any navigation test fails, the Navigator can avoid the encounter by dropping out of the Warp to any of the Stations of Passage.  This can be done 4 times in a single passage, but no station can be visited more than once.


Travel within a sub-sector requires 1d5 successes on an extended challenge.  Travel from one sub-sector to an adjacent sub-sector requires 1d10 successes.  Traveling across sub-sectors requires 1d10+2 successes per sub-sector crossed.


Location                                               Routes                     Astronomicon

Winterscale’s Realm                       Stable                                   Visible

Ragged Worlds                                  Unstable                              Obscured

Heathen Stars                                   Stable                                   Visible

Accursed Demense                         Unstable                              Obscured

Cinerius Maleficum                         Unstable                              Obscured

Cauldron                                              Surly                                Shrouded

Rifts of Hecaton                             Haunted                              Lightless

Foundling Worlds                             Surly                                      Obscured

Unbeholden Reaches                    Haunted                              Shrouded


Charting Routes

Charting new routes requires successful use of the Astrography skill.

Stable routes are +10 to chart

Obscured routes are -10 to chart

Shrouded routes are -20 to chart

Lightless routes cannot be charted

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