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Lynnwood Washington: X-Wing League at 'Round the Table

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Hey fellow imperials and wookies,


We are happy to announce the start of an X-Wing League at 'Round the Table Game Pub over in Lynnwood, Washington.  


This will be a six-week league beginning on Thursday April 3rd, and will require participants to play on Thursdays to earn points toward their league score.  All squads will be a maximum of 100pts and all released X-wing Miniatures are legal, unless otherwise stated for a specific day.  While you can play at any time on Thursday, we will have several tables set aside and taped off at 6pm for play as most players tend to arrive after then.

There will be no time limit for matches in this league, and points will be allotted as follows:
2 points = Attendance at each Thursday with 1 match

5 points = First Match Win each Thursday

2 points = Each Match Win after the first each Thursday
1 point   = Each Match Loss

1 point   = Each Match Draw

There will be a small list of achievements that can be completed once per player to gain additional points towards their league total.  Prizes will be given to the top 16 players, with the top 3 getting some extra special stuff!

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