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Help needed to separate standups by product

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To make a long story short: I got a copy of each WHFRP product from a friend of mine. But the snag to this matter is that all components are totally mixed up. And now I’d like to separate all components by product (please don’t ask me why ;-).


So I spent the last couple of days to separate all cards, tokens etc. I managed to do so by those tiny icons printed on all components and by a great components list created by Daganisoraan. My last problem is that the standups don’t have an icon on them. I also was not able to find any pictures or lists that could help me.


Therefore I’d like to ask you for your help. Any picture that shows all standups of a specific product/box would help me a lot. This would reduce the amount of standups which I cannot match to the corresponding product.


I would really appreciate your help! 


Products left:

- Adventurer’s Toolkit (done due to a second and unpunched copy as comparison)

- Game Master's Toolkit

- Winds of Magic

- Player's Vault

- Game Master's Vault

- Creature's Vault

- Signs of Faith

- Omens of War

- Lure of Power

- Hero's Call

- The Gathering Storm

- Edge of Night

- The Witch's Song

- Black Fire Pass

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A couple of weeks ago i was working on a image list for the tokens and character from the punchboard. I will check if I can post a finished version within a couple of days.

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Yo hoshbad, sorry for the long time without any news. I should have completed the scans of all punchboards by tomorrow. At the same time I will post an updated version of my Component List version 1.3.

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