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Lure of the Dark Side Previews Tomorrow (3/25/14) on Top Tier Gaming

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I'm excited to see any preview, but yellow and red are not at the top of the list. Wonder who gets to show us the new Scum pod?

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Sith red?  No.  Rebel red?  I want to know what all is in the Crix pod.  His objective that cancels fate cards looks amazing.

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It seems they have had technical issues and wont be streaming after all. I read that they are making a video and plan on uploading it.


I'm sure JMCB will be posting about it soon enough.



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Direct link to the archived video:

I highly recommend watching it, they gave a lot of good commentary, but if you can't or just want the raw details:



Against All Odds

Smugglers & Spies objective

1 resource, 5 capacity

Each unit you control gains [black blast] while attacking an opponent who has more cards in hand than you.



Dash Rendar

Unique S&S Unit

4 cost, 3 Force

[black blaster][black tactics]

Character, Smuggler, Mercenary


While this unit is attacking alone, it gains [black blast] for each card in the defending player's hand.

3 capacity



Shifty Lookout

Neutral Unit

1 cost, 1 Force

[black blaster]


While this unit is ready, each opponent is considered to have 1 additional card in his hand.

1 capacity



(2 of) Holding All the Cards

S&S Event

0 cost, 1 Force


Action: Each player draws 2 cards.



Target of Opportunity



...all in all, pretty great. Love how S&S is developing a theme in this cycle of punishing the DS for holding card advantage.  The combo potential here is obscene, within just this pod let alone with other Smuggler stuff. Imagine you attack with Rendar while you've got a Lookout ready and their objective out along with Anoat Sector, the DS blocks with a stormtrooper, they empty their hand on edge and win, but you saved a Swindled and Holding All The Cards.  Bounce the trooper before it strikes, play HATC, now Dash gets to one-shot the objective as long as it's not Heart of the Empire. (0_0) likes this

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Seems that way, yeah. It just says they're considered to have an extra card, it doesn't specify a timeframe or anything. Obviously it's gonna take protectors and tricky plays to keep it active, but still, such a powerful effect for 1 cost seems pretty crazy.

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Everything that messes with your or your opponent's reserve value in this game is pretty strong. Nice to see the dark side now can suffer as well.

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My immediate thoughts when seeing the new Smugglers Objective Set:


2x the new Dash Rendar set

2x across the anoat sector

2x asteroid sanctuary

2x trust me

1x questionable contacts

1x raise the stakes


tons of blast damage

resources galore

decent amount of events

a lot of units

multiple card draw effects

ways to mitigate events

you have access to Han, Lando, the Falcon, 2 twists of fate, 4 target of opportunities, 2 swindled

Dash Rendar benefits from attacking alone, so do the Sleuth Scouts, and paired with the Sleuth Scout Objective = dead objectives


If anyone tries this deck out, let me know how it plays. I won't have the cards for a while.

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