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Another 3,5 wfrp idea (work in progress)

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Here is my (work in progress) suggestion for changes in wfrp 3 ed.


Action Cards: In categories A-D imo it seems silly that a commoner know how to dual wield..


A: basic cards no requerments

B: need one Career trait (combat, military etc) or skill trained in relevant skill

C. 2 Career traits, one career trait + trained in relevant skill, 2 x trained in relevant skill

D: 3 Career traits or a mix as above 

 (the list is far from complete)


Race: there is no way a dwarf can run as fast as an elf!! dwarf-human/halfling-elf/ogre meaning a dwarf will take 1 fatigue when moving as a manouvre, a human gets 1 movement for free an elf gets 2...every specilization in running gives + 1 movement. 


Money: I find its a shame there has been so much work in 1 and 2 ed, so I suggest to return to previous edition, just to have those lists...


Talent Cards: theese I see as small quirks etc you char has, ie. if you dont roleplay them, you man be asked to change a card, when you roleplay well, get a fortune point.


Fortune points: refresh after chapter, not once pr session, roleplay to get more, no max 

                             (another idea is to return to 2 ed. regarding fortune points)

                            Dwarf/Ogre/elf start with 2, human/halflings 4


Race knowledge: add 2 white dice to knowledge checks wich relate to Race


Career knowledge: Add 1 yellow dice to knowledge checks wich relate to Career


Career reentery:  when choosing the same career again, becomes vetran, add 1 more talen socket (same as on original career card)


Finish Career:

1.guild ring, emblem etc. discounts, bouns die etc. when shown to the right people. 

2. gain 2 skill points (must still be used as pr normal restictions)


Wounds: Cannot recover critical when wounden. 

                 Simplify the healing system a bit. 1 hammer 1 wound, 2 boons=1hammer

                Crits. healed as normal 1 hammer 1 severity, 3 boon=1hammer still need to hit severity rating in one roll.


Combat: pr skill training add 1+1dam/2 hammers (ie getting 6 hammers will hurt)

                when specialized convert 2 hammers to 1 boon.

Weapons: Implementing slashing/blunt/pierce vs. specific armor (ie its better to hit a chainmail with a pickaxe than a longsword) a specilized char may use a longsword as pierce or blunt, for less damage.


Gunpowder weapon: inflicts fear 1 (+1 pr specilazation beoynd 1) first shot, this reset when a monster etc. is killed by the weapon.


Armor: may now absorb a crit, 1 crit -2 stat (-1 soak and -1 defence or -2 soak etc)

             repair: as long as there is one "stat" left the armor is possible to repair, (price is                        original cost + 10%)


Ranged Combat: weapon range normal. closer +1 white dice/ incremence (3white converts to 1 yellow), further away 1 black pr increment (3 black converts to 1 purple)


The increments are: engaged-close-medium1-medium2-long1-long2-long3-extreem



Priest Magic: when rolling a chaos star, draw a card (theese will be made from the 2 ed. list in TOS. or just roll on the list)


Please feel free to state your opnions...It is still far from done...





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