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Trying to focus this deck on causing flatline with Net after a couple points of Brain, or generally encouraging the Runner to let me drop Agenda and then score next turn for fear of nasty non-advance traps. I feel need more economy and ICE, but not really sure where to cut, or if I should go to 54 cards.

Current list:

Agenda (13)

3 Braintrust

1 Clone Retirement

2 False Lead

3 Fetal AI

3 Gila Hands Arcology

1 Private Security Force

Asset (13)

1 Cerebral Overwriter ••

3 Edge of World

3 Jackson Howard •••

3 Shock!

3 Snare!

Upgrade (4)

1 Corporate Troubleshooter •

3 Hokusai Grid

Operation (7)

1 Archived Memories ••

3 Celebrity Gift

3 Neural EMP

Barrier (3)

1 Himitsu-Bako

1 Snowflake

1 Wall of Thorns

Code Gate (1)

1 Viktor 2.0 •••

Sentry (8)

1 Archer ••

1 Fenris ••

2 Neural Katana

2 Swordsman

2 Tsurugi

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I can't offer much in the way of advice as I'm still pretty new to the game. I've found that a good economy is a really strong asset for any deck Runner or Corp. I try to put a low amount of agenda cards into my deck (I usualy have between 9 and 10) which gives me more cards to use in the rest of the deck.

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Edge of World is not amazing with only 12 ice.


I think I'd go with more 2 or 3 point agendas and free up card slots.  Install advance x2 makes the runner just as wary as installing without advancements, and after you score a 5/3 they are far more likely to run the next one, since you're now at match point.

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