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Season of the Witch "Story So Far" misprint?

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Hey all, I'm a forum n00b here, so sorry if this has been asked before, but I just bought SOTW and I *think* there is a misprint on the "story so far" text for the investigators, and wanted to see if I'm right or just losing MY sanity ;)


In the Keeper Setup, section 4 selects where to put the Alien Statue.

4A) The Bathroom 1

4B) The Kitchen Storage


Yet, in the story so far, where it seems to lead the investigators for the first clue seems to be in reverse, since 


4A) "...Nola kept a journal of her studies, and he last saw it during dinner..."

4B) "...because she would only write in it before sleeping"


Based on the Keeper setup, I would think "before sleeping" would lead me to Bathroom 1, whereas "during dinner" would lead me to the Kitchen Storage.



Is this an actual misprint, or is the text correct and I'm just missing something obvious?

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