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Star Wars LCG Cards for X-wing Items Trade

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Hi everyone, here's a long shot, but I thought I would offer for anyone who plays both the LCG and X-wing:


I have 4 promo cards I won at a Store Tournament which I would like to trade for X-wing stuff.


Here's what I have:

2 - Red Five (Aurabesh lettering)

1 - Darth Vader (Aurabesh Lettering)

1 - Han Solo (Full Bleed Art)


Here's what I am interested in, in order of interest:

1. Acryllic Shield Tokens

2. Acryllic Stress Tokens

3. Alternate Art Ship Cards from X-wing (Any EXCEPT Han/Boba oversize, Gold Squadron Pilot, Ten Numb)

Send me a PM if interested.



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