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Book Of Imperial Saints

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Just a peice of fluff for the character to have and draw inspiration from.

It'll list the life & times of numerous saints, how they became a saint (usually horribly painful and ends up in their death) and what it is they are said to govern, not forgetting their born on/died on dates and how best to honour their memory.




Saint Asus

Lo thee and know that St Asus died apon the firey world of Praxilla Prime. That he did become sanctified apon his death in the gaze of the Holy Emperor, he On Terra, when he did sacrifice himself to kill the foul Xeno and detonate a power plant destrying over 8000 of the foul beings. Let all know his name apon the date of (xyz) and light ye a votive candle in honour of his firey death.

Purchase not the false candles from the so called Preachers in the market, but purchase them from a sanctified Eccliesarchal depot, three thrones per candle should you pay in honour to his life and death, and three candles per head within your home each should you light and offer up this prayer:

"Saint Asus, we remember thee, you who died on this day. Bring the firey wrath of He Most Holy to all Xenos i might encounter, Amen"

Born XYZ

Died XYZ




The character should feel suitably humbled and know that when the time comes he would also detonate the power plant to save his beloved imperium, and shill out some thrones if they think the clerics are watching them to closely..


Its just fluff. It gives no bonuses just RP potential.

Let your plaers make up some saints and quote them once in a while, especially if they're clerics or psykers.,.,

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It probably has all sorts of cautionary tales in it as well, regarding the strength and righteousness of Sanctioned Psykers versus Unsanctioned Psykers/Witches. Titles like "Saint Margritta and the Warlock" or "Saint Veritas at the Gates of Abaddon" should begin tales where some Sanctioned Psyker demonstrates that his or her most powerful asset is not his or her powers but his or her faith in the Emperor (Blessed Be His Name; Glory to All Who Serve Him; etc., etc. ad nauseam) and it is only through this faith that he or she is able to destroy the foes of the Imperium. Such tales should generally end in the death of the aforementioned saint, probably through some truly unpleasant and painful fashion, generally accompanied by some act that is above and beyond the capacities of normal people. ("And as the Xenos scum didst strike down Saint Veritas, he did cry out to the Emperor, calling for aid and retribution. And the Emperor didst smite the Xenos in retribution, His Most Holy Light pouring forth from Saint Veritas and illuminating the battlefield with the light of a thousand suns, so that there were no shadows within which the Xenos witches could hide. And as the Emperor purified the battlefield, so didst He purify Saint Veritas, who then died without blemish, taint, or shame.")

The books should simultaneously encourage the Sanctioned Psyker to serve the Imperium by using the powers of the Warp and lambast him for being a filthy, dirty, tainted being who not only harnesses the Warp but probably tears labels off of mattresses, kicks puppies, and touches himself in public. Or something.

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