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UK and IRL players

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Hi everyone,

We're trying to gather together as many UK or Republic of Ireland based Star Wars LCG players as possible. There's a feeling that this game has been the poor relation somewhat, especially in the UK with the dominance of X-Wing, Netrunner and, of course, Magic (not a criticism of any of those games!)

6 months ago I launched a Facebook group as a Summer project which you can find here.

I didn't imagine that it would amount to anything.

We're hoping to add our 100th member within the next few hours.

We already count over a dozen UK FLGSs among our Members and have already lined up just as many Store Championships and other events. We have a comprehensive player and FLGS map that has received unanimous praise from players and store owners both.


In London, we've created No Disintegrations, a fortnightly friendly, and very shortly this will develop a second London-based group with plans for offshoot groups in other major cities. We're encouraging players and FLGSs to work together in their localities to get scenes going and are looking, among other things, to get some goodies like patches and T-shirts printed up and a proper, dedicated site and forum going if we can get the scene to grow large enough.

We've also recently taken to Twitter and you can now even email us if you want to let us know about your local scene or work with us more closely as an FLGS.

If you're UK or Ireland based, do come over and join us!  :)

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