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Possible Ally Rule

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I dont really want to start a Nerf and Buff war with this optional thing im offering. but having played the game online only and owning everythign the physical copy offers. i find some story driven gameplay mechanics that i feel dont fit. Like, how is the Parasite able to infect people when they never met before. HOw can the Bully intimidate other aliens to helping when they are galaxies away. and on that matter how can you ally with someone when the Hypergate used to meeting aliens is random due to teh destany deck. i offer this one solution which makes gameplay more realistic. again i dont mean to "ruin" the game, im only offering a possible fun alternative.

"New Rule:

Players may only ask for allies who have a colony in there system, and those allies must use those ships in the main players system before using ships from there own system."


I feel this rule WILL nerf and Buff various powers but given this is Cosmic Encounter, i dont think thats a viable change to be upset about. This rule will also mitigate "shared" victories and "king him" mentality to a point, and make the game longer. Players now have an extra thing to think about such as:

"should i loose now in the early game so i have a possible ally boost later on? should i target a bigger colony due to having the parasite piggy backing on me to possibly get them off? should we negotiate a treaty of sorts so we can offer possible help in the future?"

i think all these benifits to the game will make it a richer story. i would like constuctive critisims please on your opinion of the matter.


This new rule could also be used for a new possible alien, maybe called "the Far Side" **shrugs** i wouldnt know how to word it though.

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