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Missing dice! What are they?

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Bought the game for my son for birthday present, sat down to play last night and realized that we are missing the dice! Important detail here!


I believe that the dice have special face labeling also. I've contact support to see if they can replace (I hope they can), but in the mean time, I would like to mark some of my older dice correctly so I can play until the replacement dice are here. I know there are (20) d6 as follows:


(4) blue

(5) green

(3) yellow

(1) purple

(3) red

(4) black


So can someone at least tell me whats suppose to be on each side per color? Are they all standard die, labeled 1 thru 6? If not, please help!

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All color dice are normal 12mm dice and special black are 16mm with face configuration:


Face 1: 6

Face 2: 10 (flip side from F1)

Face 3: 8 (left from F1)

Face 4: 12 (flip from F3)

Face 5: 10 (left from F3)

Face 6: 6 (flip from F5)


So it has 6, 8, 10, 12, 6, 10


Hope this helps...

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