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Tournament Report: Wiesbaden 15 March 2014

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On 03/15/2014 Store Championships were held at Merlin's in Wiesbaden, Germany.


A total of 7 players showed up; however Christian as Tournament Organizer decided not to play in order to achieve an even number of players, so the winner was decided among 6 players in 3 rounds of Swiss.

My decks : Rebel Aggro (2x8, 2x11, 1x12, 2x13, 2x45, 1x92) and Sith Killing Cold Executor (2x23, 2x40, 1x42, 1x58, 2x62, 2x66).

Here is what I remember:

First round against Tscherno.

My LS deck wins against his DS (Navy / Sith with the usual Sith Suspects and The Ultimate Power) in about 15 minutes. I have a medicore setup, neither Defense of Yavin4 nor Mobilize the Squadrons is among the four starting objectives. But I do get a Preparation for Battle and Draw Their Fire provides two resources. In the first DS turn he plays Tarkin, who is immediately eliminated by a Rebel Assault, which I pay for with the two resources of Draw Their Fire. After the game he tells me he had a Royal Guard he wanted to play with the remaining resource and one from Tarkin. But now he has nothing on the table when he ends his turn. I forget that the force therefore is still with me and miss to do one damage. But anyway, three resources are enough for a Hidden Outpost, an X -Wing and a Y -Wing. My units attack two objectives and deal a total of 5 damage to them. Over the next two rounds additional ships including an AA1 speeder tank make sure I can press the advantage with Preparation for Battle on the table. Another Rebel Assault finishes the game with the Death Star Dial (DSD) at 4.


In the second game my Dark Side is attacked by his Rebel / Smugglers Sleuth Scout deck. He reveals Accross the Anoat Sector and Defense of Yavin4, but no Raise the Stakes. I start a Sith Library and two Ice Trompers. Because Vader's Fist is on the table, Tscherno has to discard down to five cards. I face an X-Wing, a Y -Wing and a Sleuth Scout in the first challenge phase. An ice Tromper takes out the Y -Wing. His X-Wing is blocked by the other Ice Tromper. Each unit takes one damage, but my unit is committed to the force and thus gets two focus tokens. Finally, the Sleuth Scout attacks Vader 's Fist unopposed, causing 3 damage. However, in my next round The Desolation of Hoth removes all damage from Vader 's Fist and destroyes the Sleuth Scout. Also, a Royal Guard joins the Ice Trompers. A new threat in the form of a Blockade Runner with an Astro Mech Upgrade appears and attacks The Executor Arrives. Although the attack is blocked by my Royal Guard, he still causes four damage. But in my next turn the Blockade Runner is taken care of by the Emperor himself, who puts additional focus tokens on Tscherno's units in an attack against Yavin4. Next turn, Tscherno takes out the Executor Arrives with another Sleuth Scout. In retaliation, the Blockade Runner is destroyed by a Force Lightning and the Sleuth Scout covered in focus tokens by the Emperor, who also destroyes Yavin4 in the process. Tscherno reveals Raise the stakes but draws no new threats (just a bunch of characters without blast icons). Meanwhile, the DSD has increased by 2 almost every round and additional units have joined the Forces of the Dark Side. With the DSD at 8 or 9, the Emperor damages Raise the stakes and puts an additional 3 tokens on the Sleuth Scout. Tscherno draws a new hand and concedes the game.

2-0 games, 8-0 points

Second round against Martin

Martin plays LS first (Superfriends). Again Vader's Fist is on the table and reduced his hand to five. I can't remember exactly which units I started with, but there was a free Wampa among them. In the first or second round Chewie attacks Vader's Fist. I let the attack go unopposed and after his strike I kill Chewie with a Force Lightning. In my next turn the Executor arrives and attacks one of Martin's objectives. On his turn he plays the Millenium Falcon and attacks The Killing Cold. The Wampa blocks, I win edge and the Falcon takes two damage from the Wampa. I then ask Martin if he has an action, but he does not return the falcon to his hand. A terrible mistake, because I sacrifice a unit to The Killing Cold and the Falcon is destroyed by the Executor. From there on, Martin does not stand a chance.

In the second game I fight against Martin's pure Scum deck. He starts with Jabba's Palace, a Jawa and a Paid Informant. I have a Mobilize the Squadrons and Draw Their Fire, i.e. 6 resources. I play a Tauntaun and Red2 . Red2 attacks, he blocks with the Jawa. Ackbar joins the engagement from my hand and destroys the Jawa before edge. I deal two damage to the objective and the Informant gets two tokens. On his next turn Martin plays a Captured on Ackbar and Red2 gets a bounty. Also, a Corrupt Official hits the table. My fleet gets bigger and bigger and I throw three cards into a one-sided Edge Battle to save Red2 before the Bounty captures it. In vain, next turn Red2 falls victim to a second Captured. However, the event costs him resources and he gets just one additional unit on the table. When Home One joines my fleet of X-Wings, B-Wings and Y-Wings, neither discarding Corrupt Officials from his hand to prevent damage, nor Bossk, who finds no targets for his ability, can save him in the long run.


4-0 games, 16:0 points

Last round against Carsten

From another player sitting on the next table I am asked to please win 8-0 so that he can become second. Okay. Carsten plays a Scum / Sith Trandoshan Terror deck. He starts by putting Greedo and a Trandoshan Hunter on the table. Still in his deployment phase, the Hunter falls victim to a Rebel Assault, once again paid for by Draw their Fire. Despite the limited resources during my first turn, Yavin4 allows me to still play two X-Wings and a B-Wing. Because he fears the massive damage of the B-Wing, his Greedo does not block my first attacks with the X-Wings. Thus, Fall of the Jedi takes 2 damage and The Emperor's Web takes 3 (Target of Opportunity). The B-Wing does not attack, as I have no hope of winning edge. What exactly happened next, I can't remember. Anyway, I know that Greedo must have blocked and now had two focus tokens on him. Greedo probably took out an X or Y-Wing. Carsten's third Objective Trandoshan Terror also has 3 points of damage. I have committed a AA1 Speeder Tank, so the Force is with me. At this point, Carsten plays a 501st Legion as well as an Advisor to the Emperor. He would have to commit both units to the Force to win the force struggle, but refrains from it after thinking for a moment. Thus, in the balance phase I destroy The Emperor's Web. Red2 and a Speeder Tank attack Trandoshan Terror. He must block, or the Objective also goes down. He blocks with the Advisor. A Rebel Assault takes out the Advisor and I win edge automatically. The Tactics from the Speeder Tanks focuses the 501
st Legion, Trandoshan terror is mine. My remaining units have an easy time with the now undefended Fall of the Jedi .

In the last game of the day, I once again start with Vader's Fist. Carsten plays The Crew; as he calls it (=Superfriends) and starts with a Wookie Life Debt on the table. He gets some Wookies out early. However, they are met by a wall of black unit damage icons in the form of two Wampas and a 501st Legion aswell as an Ice Tromper (played in my first and second turn). I have a Sith Holocron, but refrain from using it to play the Emperor, instead saving it to be able to play the Executor later, as I already have The Killing Cold out. In the first round one of Carsten's Wookies and one of my Wampas have dealt two damage to each other. Despite having two small tactics units on the table, during his second round he immediately attacks with two Wookies (one already damaged). I win the edge battle. The wounded Wampa hits his unwounded Wookie first and is then destroyed. My unwounded Wampa then kills one of the Wookies. In his next round, the wounded Wookie attacks again, now with Chewie waiting in the background. The 501st Legion blocks and kills the wounded Wookie. Two of the four points of damage, however, go on Chewie, who thanks to Wookie Lifedebt destroyes the Legion in return. However, during my next turn a Force Choke kills Chewie and I play the Executor. Carsten concedes the game.

6:0 games, 24:0 points.

The tournament was a lot of fun and held in a relaxed atmosphere. Also I am confident that once the new cards are out out participation numbers will increase.

Edited by AegonTargaryen

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