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Beginner Module Questions.

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Now I'm not new to RPGs, but I came up with some scenarios that could happen in my game with my group and I wanted to see if anyone else has thought the same stuff.

1) What if Oskara and the group decide to turn B'ura B'an into Teemo to take the heat off the group and her and help her sister, would it help maybe? Me and my group have played a long time and this is a good possibility based on their past playing styles. What should I do if they want to, this isn't a bad thing and she is a bounty hunter?

2) On Ryloth, since the attack on the ship, could Oskara check the Bounty Hunter Forums to see if Teemo posted one on them? Since she worked for him and probably used those forums in the past.

Any advice is welcome!


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It is always amazing what clever players will do.


1) I'd say the group burned their bridges with Teemo pretty badly in their escape.  I'd point out that Teemo is unlikely to forgive them simply for turning in B'ura Ban and that the whole point of their escape was to stop doing Teemo's dirty work. 


If your group is looking for a less heroic edge campaign, you could roll with it.  Perhaps Teemo is impressed with their guts and awards the Krayt fang to them, and their first mission might be to crush Nym and the other miners on Ryloth.


Its a way darker game than my group would go for, but if that's your groups style, it could work.


2) Yes, and that kind of smart play should be rewarded.  I'd suggest letting the PCs have some boost dice going into the combat, or perhaps letting them ambush the bounty hunters.  I have found that while its great to reward smart play, skipping encounters ends up being less fun than running the encounters but awarding the PCs for their clever actions.

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