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FIrst Navy deck

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I've never really given the Navy a try before, but I like to play green in Magic sometimes (it's my second favorite color, after white), so I get the whole 'build up resources to put out big stuff' concept.  I thought I'd give it a try.  I wanted to make something thematically cohesive, though, so it might be a bit weak.  I went with A New Hope's Death Star incarnation of Navy power.  Hoth is fun, but the Death Star is, like, the Death Star.


2x The Ultimate Power

2x Imperial Command

2x Defense Protocol

2x Death and Despayre

1x Repair and Refurbish

1x Deploy the Fleet


Tarkin's set is here because I'm a sucker for a big fat ability like his, and the laser seems like a nice thing to have, just in case.  Death and Despayre benefits from Deploy the Fleet, and they both have a lot of blast damage.  The Devastator is a beast, and I really like the shielding on the Death Squadron Star Destroyers.  Motti's objective has some troopers to give some defense to the deck, and his ability is really nice.  Both Motti and Tarkin can hold the Force.  I put in Defense Protocol for its amazing objective ability.


This is my first real Navy deck (I slapped one together last summer but never played with it and took it apart).  So, does it look doable?  I tried to get in a nice mix of resources.


Just played this against my Jedi deck.  It destroyed three objectives with a Death Squadron Star Destroyer and the Devastator.  However, the Jedi put a stranglehold on the Force and I was able to put Shistavanen Wolfmen back into play over and over, and Yoda with three (!) enhancements beat the Navy.  It was a fun match, though.

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Navy decks have been doing really well lately. They are a good counter for the LS sleuth scout decks that rely alot on certain objectives as you just blow them up so they cannot use them. 


My Navy deck has some similarities to yours, taken 1st and 2nd in tournaments last 3 weeks and it has won every game played, it is all big ships and does not use Tarkiin or Motti like yours does. 


Defense Protocol and Tie Attack Squadron are good ways to get rid of that Yoda or the Protectors first. 

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Also consider dropping Deploy the Fleet for A Dark Time for the Rebellion.


With DTF you only have 5 cards in your deck to use the objective and capital ship abilities on.


A Dark Time for the Rebellion

-Objective provides free damage each turn you take.

-Two two drop sleuth blockers with 2 health

-4 Drop officer who can tactics chewy on defense or wreck havoc on offense.

-Equivalent of Raise the stakes as an enhancement.

-Awesome event that can be used on defense to kill a sleuth, or on offense for the extra blast needed to kill an objective

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I know you are trying to stay thematic to the Death Star... but the Navy deck I run has been crushing lots of face lately.


x1 Deploy the Fleet

x1 General's Imperative

x1 Imperial Blockade

x1 Repair & Refurbish

x2 Endor Gambit

x2 Imperial Command

X2 Unstoppable Advance

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I play it for the objective and tractor beam. Needa is situationally good, the SDs aren't super impressive, but overall the set sits very well in the theme.

I use them with the Human replica droids all the time.

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