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Multiple random questions from a new player.

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Can Khopesh of the Abyss be used by a character with Invulnerability? Since they can't be given wounds doesn't this mean they cannot meet the card requirements? Also how many times can a character use Khopesh in a turn? Since it does not exhaust can it be used multiple times?


How is the story card “A new Challenge Resolved”? If I won it, could I take the success stories from the other stories and then put the all the success tokens on my side or must they be distributed equally?


What happens when a character with toughness that has wounds has toughness removed from a card effect? Would they immediately die?


If Carl Stafford sacrifices multiple Cultists in a turn would he gain he more Skull and Tome icons for each Cultist sacrificed?



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You've got them right in general.  


Khopesh can't be used by an Invulnerable character because they can't meet the payment.  A character without Invulnerability can use the Khopesh as many times as it wants until it wounds itself to death.


Whenever you re-distribute success tokens at stories, they don't change sides.


When a character with Toughness and a wound loses the keyword Toughness, it is immediately destroyed.


Like with Khopesh, anything that doesn't require exhaustion or limited to "once per turn" or something similar can be done as often as the payment can be made.

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