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The Pfishor's Debate

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A tall tale.

There once was several wealthy merchants in the Koronus Expanse, though their names have be lost the winds of time.  It is known it was 5 who signed the agreement, and that with their combined wealth they would hold the greatest monopoly over the Expanse.  This agreement was called the Black Concordant.   For many years they reigned, underbidding, out buying and selling all their opponents.  As with all greedy entrepreneurs, this wasn't enough for some.  And so with great zealous the weakest of the Black Concordant yearned to be more powerful than the rest.  It just so happened that all of them invested in the construction of a ship that personified their power, greed, lust, and secret desires.  A Universe Mass Conveyor named "The Concupiscence of Desire" was built that embodies everything anyone ever craved.  All 5 members of the Black Concordant would meet once a year on this ship to splurge on their gluttony while sailing in the void.  This is where Rescule 'Pfishor' Illuis made his move.  Hiring a handful of very skilled assassins, they were able to introduce a toxin into the food supply of the Atropaths which ensured that no communication with the outside world was enabled.  From here the assassins planted explosives on the Navigator Spire that connected to the rest of the ship, which caused the Spire to be jettisoned into space, while simultaneously damaging the Warp Navigation Device.  Pfishor and the assassins then escaped the blind and mute ship in a shuttle, enroute to a location where another vessel was going to pick them up.  Unknown to them, the ship picking them up was slowed down due to an ambush by Eldar.  When the ship finally arrived at the point a month late, all but one assassin was alive.  And he only survived because he was eating the dead.  No one knows where The Concupiscence of Desire went.  Some say Dark Eldar found it, while others whisper the ship wondered into a star. 


A rare few RT's have heard faint rumors though.  A vast ship floats quiet in the void.  It's corridors are lined in jewels and gems, with servitors serving spoiled food on golden trays.  Many rooms line it's rusty halls, that sense your deepest desires and tempt you with it so that you will forever stay in their embrace.  And vaults that contain valuables that rival the richest of RT's are guarded by crazed men that laugh and smile as they slit your throat.  The last rumor some pub drinkers have coined the phrase as "The Pfishor's Debate."

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Name: The Concupiscence of Desire


Dimension: 12 km long, 1.3 km abeam                          Mass: 60 megatonnes approx.

Crew: 60k plus 200k passengers                                  Acceleration: 0.5 gravities max


Class:  Universe-Class Mass Conveyor                        Armour: 12

Speed: 2                                                                       Shields: 1

Manoeuvrability: -20                                                     Hull Integrity: 65

Detection: +5                                                                Turret Rating: 1


Machine Oddity:  Confused (All allied Command Tests aboard this vessel are made at a -5 penalty. All enemy Command Tests aboard this vessel are made at a -10 penalty).

Past History:  Turbulent Past (Hatred: Government, Love: Underworld)


Power Available: 66      Power Used: 66

Space Available: 94      Space Used: 94


Weapon Capacity:  1 Dorsal, 1 Port, 1 Starboard


Essential Components:  Lathe Pattern Class 1 Drive; Strelov 1 Warp Engine; Geller Field, Commerce Bridge; Single Void Shield; Pressed Crew Quarters; Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer; M-100 Augur Array


Supplement Components:  4 x Main Cargo Holds; Secondary Power Generator; 2 x Auxiliary Plasma Banks ; 2 x Tunderstrike Macrocannon (Port and Starboard); Gladiator Pit; 2 x Ship Stores; Shadowblind Bays; Munitorium; Librarium Vault; Pleasure Rooms; Attendee Quarters; 2 x Luxury Quarters; Trophy Room; Observation Room; Temple Shrine to ???; Arboretum Park; Xenos Habitats; Extended Supply Vault: Ball Room; Holographic Pleasure Rooms (don't have HA but it's "that" component)


Notes:  Gladiator Pit and Ball Room are the size of a Trophy Room, and the Pit was connected to one of the Ship Store areas.  The Ship Store was converted into a death maze for live viewing throughout the ship.  The Pleasure Rooms and Servant Quarters are the size of Barracks.  Extended Supply Vault was only stocked with fine wines, rare fruits, exquisite desserts, etc, and does not convey the extra time in the void bonus.  The Munitorium houses the unique and exotic weapons for the Gladiator events, and other rare weapons for when the Nobles wish to do hunting parties on/off the ship, so it also does not convey the normal bonuses.  One of the Cargo Holds has been converted into a practice range for the Nobles (to include live targets when asked).  Xenos Habitat houses captured (dead and alive) Xenos (unintelligent critters and "intelligent" ones, like maybe Orks, Elder, Genestealers, etc etc), to be utilized in the Pit, Maze, Range, and for displays.  The Arboretum Park is a breath taking and beautiful park with very little edible fauna, and so it also does not convey the normal bonuses and is simply a place of scenery.

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