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Primary/Secondary Abilities Scores

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Hi again  :) 


This is a question for the number crunchers out there.


As a new gm to Anima I'm trying to figure out at what scores an ability (Primary/Secondary) becomes low, average and high based on lv (lvls 1, 5, 10 and 15).


From Primary abilities, I am after Attack, Block, Dodge.


The reason is knowing this will make it easier for me to guide my players in their char making, and it makes it easier for me when building encounters.


So, is there anyone out there that can take a shot at this?


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There is no defining GOOD scores. I, and probably several others, have made characters who have nothing in attack or block and get by perfectly well in combat, be it through magic projection, psychic projection, or using defined attack and defense ki techniques. But for those primary abilities I would say 60+ is goodish at level 1, you can push it up to 90 if you are a really combat focused character. But from then on it is completely player preference. I myself take pride in building some really weird characters, but this is really a thing of personal opinion. HOWEVER, if you are new to the game, as with your players ((assumption)), 60+ is good at level one. It is suggested that you at least be getting a +5~+10 or more per level from DP/Class bonuses. This is just my speculation on balancing a character. Anyone else willing to give their input is welcomed.


Edit: Also, if it isn't already obvious. Choosing one defense is better than going with both, mainly because it stretches DP to thin.

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