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Tamati Khan

How old is the Rebellion?

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Did they (or any of you) ever do any follow up adventures to the ones set on Edan from the Introduction to Star Wars boxed sets of the (was it the) 90's?


When I ran that my group pretty much overlooked what had happened although one player argued about the cyborg Imperial who got hit with a freighter weapon and survived (actually even with the increase in size he did survive but that player would never accept something like good die rolling on a npc's behalf!)


My version explained that my character had been imprisoned on Edan and used in an illegal hunt where he stumbled onto a hidden Jedi who helped him contact the Edanese Resistance and escape offworld meeting another PC named Red and became the engineer on his freighter.


That Jedi would begin the training for what would become the main Jedi PC and when I ran an adventure where their secret training facility was attacked and a ward of that Jedi was kidnapped he went off trying to rescue her and the group tried to go after them but then turned around and forgot that ever happened...


Sigh, I wasn't the only gm and another simply had Yoda finish the training and had Luke fall to the dark side... I know they're perfectly fine game ideas but there so much ignored in favour of messing around with the Movies...


Sorry couldn't help comparing this thread and a game i ran in the distant past and wondering how AoR would have handled the same game...


Hopefully I still have those books, will have to go check and see if there was a timeline in there based around the Edan storyline?

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