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Built a Dark Paladin...what am I doing wrong??

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(Dark Paladin 1)    

LP 125 Appearance 2

STR 9 DEX 10 AGI 7 CON 8 INT 6 POW 9 WP 11 PER 5

PhR 40 MR 40 PsR 50 VR 20 DR 40

Initiative: 45

Attack Ability: 90

Defense Ability: 45 Block

Wear Armor: 40

Zeon: 190   MA: 20

Summon: 10   Control: 130   Bind: 10   Banish: 10

MK: 20 (20 unallocated)

Secondary Abilities: Intimidate 90, Persuasion (debate) 70, 


Style 35

Unarmed Combat:  Initiative: 65  Attack: 90  Defense: 45 Block  


Damage: 20

Size 17 Medium Regeneration 4 Movement Value 7 Fatigue 8

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No idea. You need to provide a little more information than that. A DP receipt and Adv/Dis list would be good place to start. You may also want to say what you think you are doing wrong.

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^ What Nurdude said.


But from a quick once-over, it looks like you are trying to focus on a lot of abilities and possibly stressing your DP too thin. You only have three secondary abilities and since none of those are Notice or Search, you will be taking -90 for Surprise almost all the time since you wont notice any of your adversaries until they strike.


At level 1 I would recommend to all players to have at least 60 in their defensive ability of choice. Wear Armor is going to cost you too much DP as a Dark Pally so I wouldnt put points into it unless you were going as a non-mystical Dark Pally. Also shouldnt you have only Regeneration 2 with CON 8? Always include your Advantages and Disadvantages when showing someone your character, those are pretty defining abilities and they can drastically change how DP expenditure works.


If you want to do magic, summoning, and combat I would like to know what sort of magic you plan on doing and how much summoning stuff. Dark Paladins can make some pretty good self-buff warrior mages to avoide spending any DP on magic projection or projection modules.


Something I highly, HIGHLY recommend is to adopt the Core Exxet (reprint of the main rulebook, not released in english but translated for us by many helpful folk in the Anima community) rules for Secondary Abilities. Every level a character gets:


- Five free +10 bonuses to be added to five separate Secondary Abilities. The +10s are a straight bonus to the skill and they are not affected by point-buy limits or class bonuses. In fact, they can stack with class bonuses.

- Instead of only having one characteristic bonus per level, you get two. One to a single Secondary Ability based off a physical characteristic and one bades off a single Secondary Ability based off a spiritual characteristic.

- Note that these bonuses max out at +100 to a single Secondary Ability so spreading the bonuses out every level is a good thing.


Anima has a lot of roleplaying out of combat (in my experience, other GMs/players may disagree) so it is good to have quite a few Secondaries up your sleeve.


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if you use this, it should help us understand. make sure you include DP expenses and feel free to erase the mentaliste stuff.


Level: x
Life Points: xx
Class: x
Str: x  Dex: x  Agi: x  Con: x  
Pow: x  Int: x  Will: x  Per: x  
PhR: xx  MR: xx  PsR: xx  VR: xx  DR: xx

Initiative: x
Attack Ability: x
Block/Dodge Ability: x
Damage: x
Wear Armor: x
AT: xxx (Cut x, Impact x, Thrust x, Heat x, Electric x, Cold x, Energy x)

MK: x
Ki/Nemesis Abilities: x
Ki Accumulations: STR x  DEX x  AGI x  CON x  POW x  WILL x
Ki Points: STR x  DEX x  AGI x  CON x  POW x  WILL x  Total: x
Techniques: x
Limit: x
Ars Magnus: x

MA: x
Recovery: x
Zeon: x
Magic Projection: x Offensive, x Defensive
Magic Level: x
Metamagic Advantages: x

Summon: x  Control: x  Bind: x  Banish: x
Invocations: x
Incarnations: x

Psychic Projection: x
Psychic Potential: x
Free PP: x
Innate Slots: x
Psychic Disciplines: x
Psychic Powers: x
Psychic Patterns: x

Advantages and Disadvantages: <Advantage Name> (-x), <Disadvantage Name> (+x)
Natural Abilities: <Modules, Martial Arts>
Elan: <xxx>

Size: x Medium            Regeneration: x
Movement Value: x             Fatigue: x
Appearance: x

Secondary Abilities: x

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