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Diceless Conversion (work in progress)

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So, due to some complaints about the system from some of my friends, I thought I'd try my hand at a diceless conversion, but there are a few things I'm kind of stuck on, and the whole thing needs playtesting to make sure it's actually workable. But basically, we're going to make Destiny Points (Gaia vol 1) super common, and everything you accomplish, you accomplish with Destiny Points (or if you're bad ass enough, without spending destiny points at all). So here is what I've got so far.

Basic Destiny Points let you:
-Add +20 to a check
-Completely remove the chance to fumble for a check
-Allow you to make a second resistance roll when suffering under a long term effect that only permits resistance rolls at long intervals

To this we are changing the rules like so:

---General Rule Changes---

Every character gains their presence in Destiny Points at the beginning of every session (same general rules as Fate's refresh).

A character may spend as many destiny points on a single "roll" as their Presence / 5 (so a 1st level character can spend up to 6 on one "roll"). Gnosis 0 characters can never spend more than 5 on a single roll no matter what their level is, unless in the presence of a Natura 20 character.

Dice are removed completely, now a character's total check result is just their final score plus any bonuses from Destiny Points or Ki Techniques or any other similar ability.

Fumbles now occur when a character fails a check by greater than their presence, and the fumble level is equal to the difference between Task Difficulty - Character's Presence - Check Result. Most difficulties should be kept secret by the GM until after the check has been attempted. Increased fumble levels subtract 10 from the character's presence for determining if an action is a fumble for every 1 that the fumble threshold is increased by (minimum 0). Characters may still spend Destiny Points to ignore fumbles but it takes out of their total they can spend on a single check. Likewise, characters with decreased fumble levels add 10 to their presence for determining if an action is a fumble for every 1 that the fumble threshold is decreased by. (maximum +30)

Every time a character fails an important check involving secondary abilities, suffers a counterattack, or suffers damage in combat, or fails any resistance roll, they immediately gain their Gnosis in Destiny Points. Damage resistance creatures only gain destiny points when taking damage if the suffered damage is equal to or greater than 10% of their remaining health.

When a Destiny Point is spent to repeat a Resistance Check, that expenditure does not count towards the total amount of points that can be spent on the Resistance Check itself

---New Rules---

New Stat: Base DP Recovery
For most characters, the Base DP Recovery is 4
Characters who open roll on doubles (11, 22, etc) have a Base DP Recovery of 8
Characters with a lower threshold of open rolls add 1 to their Base DP Recovery for every 2 or fraction thereof their open rolls would be lowered if we were rolling anything

DP Recovery Action - At the end of every combat round, characters each take a free DP Recovery Action and recover a certain amount of Destiny Points based on what they did during that combat round.

Multiple Attacks - Tally every Destiny Point spent on each attack up to the DP Recovery of that attack; call this Multiple Attack DP. During the DP Recovery Action, the character gains back 10% of the Multiple Attack DP for every attack after the first up to a maximum of 50%, round decimals up. (So a character who makes 6 attacks and spends 5 DP on every attack will recover 12 Destiny Points at the end of the round assuming his DP Recovery is 4 for each attack)

Defending - Tally every Destiny Point spent on each defense up to the DP Recovery of that defense; call this Defending DP. During the DP Recovery Action, the character gains back 10% of the Defending DP for every defense made up to a maximum of 100%, round decimals up. (So a character who makes 3 defense checks and spends 5 DP on each will recover 4 Destiny Points)

Damage Resistance - Damage Resistant creatures gain their Base DP Recovery in Destiny Points during the DP Recovery Action on any combat round in which they were attacked. They only get this bonus once per round no matter how many times they are attacked in that round.

Initiative - Characters who scored a lower initiative than any of their opponents recover half their Base DP Recovery in Destiny Points during the DP Recovery Action

Generic - Characters recover their Base DP Recovery in Destiny Points in addition to any other recovery they benefit from

DP Recovery Actions cannot be taken outside of combat, but can be taken one last time after all opponents are defeated.

---Specific Rule Changes---

Spending 5 Destiny Points on a resistance roll guarantees success

Absolute Perfection Barakiel Elan gift is changed. Now, it prohibits spending Destiny Points normally. Instead, this power now grants 5 free Destiny Points to be spent immediately on any action undertaken by the character with this gift. They cannot spend any more or less, nor can they spend their own Destiny Points. This power removes the ability to guarantee success on Resistance rolls with Destiny Points.

Characters using the Forcing Luck Eriol Elan gift have unlimited DP Recovery for that action only.

Characters using the Truncating Fate Eriol Elan gift, if successful, cause the target to fumble with a fumble level equal to only the bonuses gained from spending Destiny Points. This gift can be ignored by spending a Destiny Point to ignore fumbles.

For any kind of reroll power, characters immediately regain any Destiny Points they spent on the check up to their DP Recovery for that action, and may choose to spend a different amount of Destiny Points the second time around.

Characters with the Unlucky Destiny disadvantage can never spend more than 5 Destiny Points on any roll no matter what.

High Natura characters (10, 15, 20) gain 5x the Destiny Points their Natura gifts them with at the beginning of every session (So a Level 1 Natura 10 character has 45 Destiny Points at the beginning of every session)

When spending Destiny Points on Psychic Potential rolls, the first Destiny Point must always be spent to negate a fumble.

---Attribute Checks---

In contested checks, A D10 is assumed to be rolled, and the result is assumed to be 1, which turns out to be -2 after the Rule of 1 is applied. Spending a single Destiny Point increases the D10 "result" by 2. So by spending 1 destiny point, the D10 is actually assumed to have rolled a 3. By spending 4, the D10 is assumed to have rolled a 9, and by spending 5 the D10 is assumed to have rolled a 10, which turns out to be 13 after the rule of 10 is applied.

In uncontested checks, the D10 is assumed to result in 10 (13 after rule of 10) and Destiny Points can be spent to lower the assumed result 2 at a time.

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rules update, crossposted from some comments in another forum:


as for attack/defense, attacker declares first, defender declares second. if the attacker nets a counterattack, he doesn't get his Gnosis DP until after the counterattack is resolved. You won't know the base attack ability of the antagonist for the first attack, though.

for psychics, I agree, it was kind of an oversight. I think I'll institute a DP recovery for just psychics, 25% for every psychic potential roll up to 50% spent, and include points spent on their paired psychic projection rolls if they were made. for using shields, psychics would use the normal defender recovery rate.

to pass resistance checks spending 5 DP was essentially supposed to be the equivalent of "rolling 100" but maybe it's too low, maybe I have to make it "Target must spend his max allotted DP on a resistance check to guarantee success." so a level 1 character has to spend 6 to auto-succeed, and a level 2 character has to spend 7 and so on. keep in mind that spending 5 DP on a resistance check, even without the auto success, still makes you very likely to pass. The average 1st level PC will have a total resistance of 140 after spending 5 DP. I also don't want to fall into a trap of resistance checks that are flat out impossible to make, that seems unfair and makes resistance based attacks too powerful.

My experience with summoners hasn't really been one of overpoweredness. Warrior Summoners on the other hand can do some pretty nasty stuff, but I think it falls in line with the kinds of stuff other types of PCs can do with this system.

When it comes to creation mages, they already don't roll for their most overpowered ****, the problem though is that when it comes to this system, creation mages can just repeat cast create monstrosity and basically have unlimited DP since they can just create a new monstrosity whenever they want, not to mention the monstrosities are Gnosis 25. A more balanced rule would be that "Created beings that do not have a soul provided for them do not have any DP of their own, and can never gain DP. Instead when they would gain DP, the creation mage gains DP using his normal Base DP Recovery and Gnosis. Creation Mages can spend their DP to enhance their soulless created beings' attacks. A created being with a provided soul is treated as a normal creature of its type."

The rule would also apply to the level 82 non-creation spells like "Create Being of Light" and stuff.

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