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Campaign Log - The Koronus Pacification

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Session 6 Part 2


The first thing that they noticed was the complete lack of people inside, the second was the horribly debased statue of the God Emperor standing over the main alter. Instead of one of the approved representations of the Emperor this particular version was notable for having fours arms, a bird-like head, and clawed feet. Solar ordered the Chimera moved deeper into the church and then the cell began to disembark to investigate what other heresies where contained within. As they disembarked Ruby felt a surge of power from the warp and seconds later several daemons manifested within the nave. Ruby managed to identify them from his studies as horrors, wanting the rest of the cell that they had been known to use dark magic. The cell immediately set about sending the daemons back to the warp.


The interior of the church suddenly resounded with the sound of combat, with the various members of the cell spreading out to engage different threats.


Artemis killed a pink horror and the two blue ones that formed from it. Then another pink horror ran onto her blade, killing itself. She then charged a small group of daemons killing a pink horror and the two blue horrors in that formed from it in seconds.


Solar advanced down the centre of the nave, attempting to reach the access to the lower levels. As he advanced he ordered his force of servitors to assist the cell in cleansing the church. Realising that the techpriest would need support Tylo followed him, gunning down a pink horror and the two blue horrors it turned into before following Solar towards the lower levels.


Ruby drew his force weapon and charged another group of horrors, destroying all three so completely that they didn’t get chance to split into blue horrors. In the chaos of the general melee two blue horrors attempted to direct warp fire onto Ruby, unfortunately for them he managed to step out of the way and the horrors ended up incinerating each other instead.


Stern and the servitors engaged another group of Horrors, with the servitors gunning down the pink horrors and Stern exploding the resulting Blue Horrors with blessed shotgun rounds.


At this point Solar reached the door to the crypt and sprinted down the staircase looking for the source of the corruption, with Tylo close behind. As they descended they realised that the staircase was descending far deeper than the crypt should be.


As the last of the Horrors were sent back to the warp the debased statue began to animate, eventually manifesting itself as a greater daemon. As the daemon advanced down the nave towards the cell, all of them opened fire on it, including the chimera. The resulting hail of fire proved to be too much for the foul creature sending it back to the warp.


As the last echos of gunfire faded within the church Ruby wondered aloud what had happened to Fenris and the gangers that were meant to be following them into the church. At which point the Space Wolf strode through the doors of the church carrying a massive bestial head and covered in gore.


“My apologies Mr Rod I was unavoidably delayed by some foul creatures of the dark powers, they met my axe and were found wanting”

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Session 7 Part 1


Ruby asked Fenris for a situation report on the Plaza. To which the Space Wolf replied;


“We were attacked by the foul servants of the dark powers. Fortunately they seem to have been dispatched for now but there were heavy casualties amongst the gangs. What happened in here?”


“There was a situation that has now been dealt with. The tech priest and the new guy are following it up in the basement.”


“Very well, I shall hold the church against further incursions whilst you assist the Tech Priest in his investigations.”


At which point Fenris strode back out the door.


The cell quickly decided to follow Solar and Tylo and try and get to the source of the incursion.


Solar reached the bottom of the staircase he had been running down and found himself in a large chamber beneath the church, whatever had originally been in the chamber had been removed to make way for a massive hole in the floor, with two interlinked spiral staircases descending into the darkness. Hearing footsteps behind him Solar took cover in case it was hostile, not realising Tylo was following him. Once Tylo joined Solar in the chamber they both approached the hole in the floor. Deciding that they didn’t have much choice but to continue down they took different staircases and continued on.


Solar reached the bottom first, which was odd as he and Tylo had agreed to move at roughly the same speed. He decided to wait and see if there was any sign of the gun slinger before moving on, and dispatched his Servo-skulls to scout out the area. After a minute or so Solar decided to begin exploring the dark room he had arrived in, which appeared to be an old station platform. As he explored the room he noticed signs of recent movement and some strange four-armed statues. After about five minutes Tylo came down the stairwell, and seemed surprised that Solar had made it down and search the room in the time it had taken him to come down the stairs. As Solar had had his null rod active the entire time but Tylo had been limiting his Null effect they decided that the warp might be causing localised effects and as a precaution Tylo turned his limited off. The two of them moved to the nearest statue to get a better look at it. Further examination showed the statue to be of a four-armed creature that mixed some human features with others that were either xenos or daemon in nature. Just as they were turning away to examine the second statue to see if it was the same Solar noticed the statue blink. Stepping rapidly backwards Solar shouted a warning to Tylo and blasted the statue with his plasma pistol. Amazingly the creature managed to avoid most of the plasma blast, it didn’t manage to avoid Tylo’s massively powerful double hot-shot from his laspistols which finally dropped it.


The rest of the cell reached the chamber under the church just in time to see the flash of Solar’s plasma pistol discharge light up the stairwell in the floor. Wasting no time Ruby walked off the edge of the hole whilst the rest of the cell ran for the stairs. About halfway down Ruby tried to activate Float, and something from the warp tried to steal his soul. Fortunately Ruby proved more powerful than whatever had attacked his mind, however the feedback caused him to lose control of his fall in a shower of warp lightening. Oblivious to this the rest of the cell reached the bottom to find Solar and Tylo standing over the smoking corpse of some sort of xenos, with five more of them moving in.

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Session 7 Part 2


Reacting in an instant Artemis drew her Exitus Rifle and rifled and fired on one of the creatures. To everyone’s amazement the creature managed to twist out of the way of the shot and collided with Stern. Tylo reloaded his spent hot-shot packs with two more and unleashed two more blasts of over-power las into another of the creatures just as it was about to pounce on him. Seeing another closing fast he rolled backwards as he ejected the now spent powercells and slammed home two more.


The creature that had reached Stern leapt in the air to cover the final distance, sinking all four of its wickedly taloned upper limbs deep into his chest, shredding his chest-plate and knocking him to the floor. At the same time another creature reached Solar, only to have its frenzy of attacked turned aside by the Tech-priest’s Lumin Shield.


At this point Ruby made is reappearance, just getting float stable in time to hit Tylo’s null field and have it turned off completely. Fortunately he had a soft landing as he fell out of the stairwell, landing on top of the creature pinning Stern. Out of reflex he turned his MIU-boltpistol around to see what he had landed on and quickly pumped a bolt into the creature. Seeing that Ruby’s arrival had bought Stern a few seconds but hadn’t killed the creature Solar ignored the creature attacking him and took over Ruby’s MIU to fire a second bolt at the creature, causing it to roll away from his two cell mates and into his own carefully calculated plasma blast.


Sarvus fired on the creature attacking Solar, bathing it in las-fire from his Sun Rifle. The intense burst of energy forced the creature to move backwards, removing the immediate threat to the Tech-priest. From his prone position on the floor Stern raised his boarding shotgun one-handed, braced its stock on the floor, and blasted the creature that had just staggered back from Solar to pieces.


Acting under Solar’s orders one of the Servo-skulls that had been dispatched to scout out the underground came speeding out of a duct straight into the creature that was still trying to get its hands on Tylo, and although it didn’t manage to injure the beast it did manage to distract it long enough for Artemis to act. Swapping his Exitus for her Xenos Flechette blaster Artemis drew a bead on the now very confused creature and proceeded to pulp it with a single blast. Now free for a moment Tylo noticed Ruby’s presence and re-activated his limiter, knowing the psyker was all but defenceless without his abilities. This proved to be fortunate as the last creature tried to attack Ruby as he was climbing to his feet. Unfortunately for the creature it ran straight onto the psykers force weapon and promptly exploded as Ruby channelled the sheer force of his will through the blade.


Now that the immediate threat had passed the team examined the former station properly. They discovered that other than the stairs they had come down there were two other exits from the room, a large tunnel that clearly used to carry the train that serviced the station and a small maintenance corridor in the wall opposite the platform. Artemis heard distinctly non-human sounds echoing up the maintenance corridor and began sneaking forward to investigate.


The corridor dropped down below and active railway tunnel and then opened out into a large chamber. Whatever had been in this room had been removed and now the space was dominated by a massive alter. Spread on its back across this alter was an even larger version of the creatures that had attacked the cell in the station, and around the alter stood four hooded figures who were clearly part creature and part human chanting words that seemed to twist the very fabric of reality. Arrayed around the edges of the chamber were dozens of the creatures from the station, mixed in with more human-creature hybrids. After all of this the most shocking aspect to the room was the far wall, which seemed to be made of hundreds, if not thousands of still-living bodies fused together and into the wall. Seeing this Artemis snuck back to the rest of the cell and told them what she had seen.


Deciding that the alter was the anchor point for the all the unnatural phenomenon in the area they decided to destroy it as quickly as possible. Ruby called his pre-prepared holdall of grenades and handed it to Artemis, informing her all of the pins were linked to one cord on the top of the bag. Sneaking back to the chamber with the bag, Artemis got ready to slide it as far into the room as she could whilst holding onto the pull-cord on top. As she readied herself for the throw she heard the wall at the other end begin shouting and screeching;


“She comes! The murderess; the killer; the shadow; she is here and means to kills us!”


Realising the wall was probably talking about her Artemis threw the bag into the room and ran. She just made it to the top of the stairs leading to the station when the grenades detonated. Clearly Ruby had been mixing his grenades for maximum effect, and a mix of plasma, frag, and krak grenades all went off together in a blinding flash, the blast propelling Artemis out of the corridor and onto the platform. Immediately Ruby knew something had gone horribly wrong.

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Session 7 Part 3


Ruby had felt the deaths of everything in the room through the warp, and at the same time he also felt something in the warp absorbing the souls to strengthen it. It was at that point he realised that a full-blown warp incursion was imminent and rushed into the chamber to see what he could do, followed by Artemis. The rest of the cell took up defensive positions around the tunnel entrance. As they entered the chamber they saw and smelt the corpses of the creatures, blackened and melted by the force of the explosion. Where the wall of flesh had been there was now what looked like a wall of water, gently rippling despite there being no breeze. Beneath the surface for the water shadows could be seen moving, none of them distinct enough to identify. Ruby quickly identified the wall of water as an active warp-portal, most likely to a daemon world in the warp itself.


Solar climbed up to the active railway tunnel and connected to its communication system in an attempt to get in touch with the Inquisitorial fortress. Needless to say the puzzled engineer he managed to get in touch with was unable to route his call where he wanted it and Solar returned to the rest of the cell.


Deciding that her sanctified blades would probably disrupt the portal Artemis advanced on the portal; as she did so a figure stepped through, a figure all too familiar to the assassin. The figure was that of a hunched medical servitor, but unlike most servitors this one had the glowing eyes of a daemon and floated a few inches off of the floor. Realising that her old foe had returned again Artemis charged, hoping that the third time was the charm. As she hoped the sanctified blades did their job and she was quickly rewarded with the un-earthly scream of the daemons soul being torn from its host-form. As this happened Ruby felt something in the warp catch the daemon’s essence at its point of destruction, and then funnel it into the portal, attempting to make it permanent.


Out of desperation Solar and Ruby decided the only thing they had left to see if a big enough explosion would destroy the portal. Calling on his knowledge of sorcery Ruby opened a gate into the bottom of a munitorium petroleum storage tank that Solar identified for him and began flooding the chamber. Solar threw what little sacred machine oil he had with him into the promethium and then began the quickest blessing of the machine god he knew over the rest of it as it flowed in, knowing that at this stage any advantage was worth the effort. Using sorcery so close to an active warp-portal proved to be an unwise choice as something within the warp tried to rip control of the gate away from Ruby. After a titanic struggle between the psyker and the warp entity Ruby finally regain full control and shut down his gateway. He and Artemis then fled the room as Solar sealed with power armour and ignited the promethium.


The resulting explosion was massive, destroying the chamber and the rail tunnel above. Solar ended up in the rail tunnel, saved by his dragon-scale armour and a mostly artificial constitution. The rest of the team had been blasted across the platform to the base of the stairwell by the blast, but they were confident that the risk had been worth it as they soon realised that they had communication with Fenris on the surface again. The first message they received from the space wolf was a request for a status update, and to inform them that it was raining fire on the surface. Whilst the team were pondering this they heard the sound of an approaching train in the tunnel above, resulting in a hurried communication from Solar to the engineer to get him to stop the train before it fell in the crater.

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Hi all,


Session 8's log should hopefully be up this week (as the session was actually played nearly a month ago), and session 9 will be happening on friday.


Despite the lack of posts here the campaign is still progressing. Unfortunately it has now entered a massivly political stage with lots of behind the scenes manouvers going on from various players in the group. As they have actually taken the time to do these actions out of sight of the other players in real life as well as in character I have not posted the sessions so as to not spoil the surprise. Needless to say once we get some sort of resolution to the madness I will update the log here accordingly.





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