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Morning folks


On the vein of a previous thread, my players and I decided we were less interested in being Malcolm Reynolds and Billy the Kidd, and Han Solo, and more interested in, perhaps, something a little lighter-hearted and/or exploration based.


So I've come up with an idea (and they've latched onto it enthusiastically) of a group of scholars, more like Lara Croft or good-old-Indiana Jones searching the galaxy for fragments of information about the Infinite Empire, drawing heavily from what I remember of those plotlines from The Old Republic MMO and making the rest up quite handily.


As far as canon goes, pretty much anything outside of the movies puts me on shifting sands pretty quickly, so we are all pretty happy mucking around in our own little private playground of universe with the only nod to canon being 'there are no jedi...we don't talk about the jedi or the big scary guy in black might show up and boogyman us' ;)


We're going to start our first real session next week.  This week was devoted to character creation and some backstory stuff.  So it looks like our intrepid heroine, Bindy-Anna Jonas (think a cross between Steve Irwin and Indy), her bodyguard/friend/big game hunter wookie companion and his doctor friend will be travelling the universe with their thrill-junky on-the-run-from-his-family gungan noble pilot/scoundrel looking for pieces of the puzzles that might lead them to fortune and glory (and make the financiers of this endeavor happy enough to not come chastise them).


So, to the gist of the TL;DR, I expect the group to run afoul of an imperial scholar and his minions (if only so that I can put on a bad German accent and quote Indiana Jones at the table).  I expect them to have to explore a ghost/derelict starship.  I expect them to end up on some deep core world (maybe Tython) and poke around, finding bits and pieces (and dealing with the flesh raiders).  If things go well, I'd like them to find a tomb/prison that contains a very much weakened force hound and end up running like lemmings after they get scared.  That could and should lead to a whole 'save the galaxy' plot.




So, that's my overall outline.  I'm soliciting ideas for scenes or plot elements that you experienced EotE players might like to contribute :)

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Ah.  All good thoughts.  I like point 2 very much indeed.


Perhaps they'll take a detour to Tatooine. :)


Very good thoughts, and I thank you.  My players might too! ;)  Eventually .... ;)

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My campaign is touching on Jedi and the Infinite Empire. I have the players searching for Cortosis they would up breaking into the Jedi Library to find out more, and I'm planning to send them to a planet (Verona) which suffered all out war. (The adventure will reveal Dark Force bad guys in stasis and a brand new ship to replace the one they will loose when they get there...)

The Infinite Empire used navigation technology that only let them go to planets which were high in the Force.

Tatooine was a verdant jungle until the Ratakan did what they did there. This is a serious surprise for people who don't know it.

In waking folks from Stasis I plan to use some olde English. I.e Star Wars as told by William Shakespeare

"Two armies, both alike in dignity,

Fought on fair Verona, where we lay our scene,

From ancient grudge broke new mutiny,

And this fatal feud did make civil hands unclean.

With the piteous rage of these ardent foes,

Unleashed was the power of atomic strife,

This did start the Infinite Empire's overthrows,

'Tis said the cleansing fire did end its life."

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