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Audio Weasel

Rather immature, but I thought was funny enough to share.

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No readers younger than 13 beyond this point:












Played X-wing with my wife last night.  She was flying Lando and a pair of Blues, I was flying Krassis and 3 named TIEs.  I was absolutely demolishing.  So I have all of the shields off of the Falcon, and had ended up at range 1.  I'm rolling Krassis's attack on the Falcon, 4 attack dice.  She says "how can I distract you.....  look honey!  BOOBIES!!!"  and pulls up her shirt.  I look up at the same time as I let the dice go and roll 3 crits and a focus.   Falcon ended up blinded, stunned, and with one less attack die. 

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