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Dr Filth

Overwatch question

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Does starting movement from a path under overwatch trigger overwatch?

For example, a union figure and Reich figure both end the round on the same path. During the set overwatch phase, the union figure is placed in overwatch. Does the Reich figure trigger overwatch as soon as he moves, or only if he attempts an action? As per the rules, overwatch is triggered either when a figure first moves into the path of the overwatch figure, or when they announce an action from with in the same path (or when adjacent).

Basically, can a figure who starts his turn in a path under overwatch move along or out of the path without triggering it?

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Yes.  Moving inside the same path will trigger the overwatch as stated in the rulebook's overwatch section.  Here's a direct quote from page 26:

"A character on overwatch can interrupt an enemy character’s
activation upon any of the following triggers:


The enemy character moves onto a circle on the same

path as the overwatch character. (The enemy character
can be moving from a circle on the same path or a different
That also boosts Schocktruppen's Keep Firing ability quite a bit as he can make an overwatch attack every time someone's moving in his path.
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