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Question about Cylon fleet with max numbers of ships

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Hello all,


This is the current state of a game I'm running by email with a few friends: http://i.imgur.com/eTcyzr2.jpg


My question is: what happens exactly if a Launch raiders effect is triggered?


There can't be more than two basestars, so the basestar in cylon sector 5-6 jumps to sector 2 of the main board, right? Does this advance the pursuit track as well, or not?


After reading the rules a few times, I think it should not advance the pursuit track. But in BGG's unofficial FAQ, there is a paragraph describing a similar case with heavy raiders:


Are all the heavy raiders already on the main game board and/or Cylon Fleet board?

  1. YES: Advance the pursuit track (place Civ(s) if needed). Did the pursuit track reach auto-attack?
    1. YES: STOP--> you are done.
    2. NO (not auto-attack): Take the contents of the single sector with the highest number that also contains a heavy raider and place on the main game board. STOP --> you are done.
  2. NO (all heavy raiders not already on main and/or Cylon Fleet board): Roll the die and place a heavy raider on the Cylon Fleet board in the indicated location. Advance the pursuit track (place Civ(s) and/or handle auto-attack if needed). STOP --> you are done.



So I'm totally confused as to what is the correct resolution order. Please help!


(Sorry for bad English, not a native speaker and it's late here.)

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If I'm understanding everything correctly, it sounds a lot like the example given in 4-6 of the box on p. 13.  In which case, yeah, the basestar would jump in and also advance pursuit.

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