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Game Rules question: about placement of Basestars

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Hello, a situation happened during our last game.


Ok first, there was already a basestar on the game board. Then we got a Crisis card that required us to place TWO new basestars on the board, one in each of 2 space zones.


Since there are only 2 basestars that can be in the game at any time, we could only place ONE basestar. But we couldn't decide in which space zone to place it !


Some players wanted the current player to decide, some said it should be random, someone even suggested a different solution (can't remember what).


So, .... what's the correct solution ? I didn't find anything in the rules that covers this.


Please reply !

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The current player always decides such things, even when the current player is a Cylon.  And current player means whose turn it is, not who is drawing the crisis card (as sometimes this is not the same person, such as Starbuck's once-per-game power).

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