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Question on Chief Tyrol once-a-game ability

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Hi, this is something that has been puzzling us:


Can the person who plays Chief Tyrol wait until all cards in a skill check have been revealed and totalled, AND THEN use his Blind Devotion ability ?


From the words on his character card, you would think that NO, he can't do that, but the FAQ document says this:


Q: Can Chief Tyrol use his “Blind Devotion” ability on a skill
check affected by an “Investigative Committee” Skill card?
A: Yes. He could even wait until all cards have been added
(faceup) to the skill check and then decide to use his ability.
So, which one is it ? Can he or can't he ? And is it only applicable during an Investigative Committee ?   :wacko:
Thanks for your replies.

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No.  Chief's character card is clear on this. He must make his choice after any amount of cards are added but before the skill cards are revealed, i.e., just after the last card has been added.  Investigative Committee allows the players to see the cards because they are face up, but technically the skill check has not yet reached the "reveal" stage until after everyone has had a chance to add cards.

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