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Suggestion: Reducing Investigation point variations in "Wild" dice

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Oh boy, a new forum member making a suggestion already? Well, I hope that you guys can agree to this.


This is a suggestion for the game (using Steam version) just to better streamline the game.


Whenever you use "Voice of Ra", Wendy Adam's ability, Wilson Richards's ability, or the Wild roll from the red glyph, you have the choice of choosing whatever you want for that die. What makes things rather silly is that you are able to choose the investigation points 1 through 3 (4 for Wilson or wild).


Why not just have the investigation point choice always be the maximum for any "wild" die?


There doesn't appear to be any penalty for using more investigation points than required and this change will reduce clutter on the screen and prevent misclicks (if any ever do occur).


I do understand that in the board game you are able to choose any investigation point amount you want, but I feel that in the digital version having only the highest amount being selectable is the best. You may argue that doing this will take away from the board game experience, but I believe that this suggestion will not take away from the experience and if anything help the player make better decisions.


What do you guys think? I do hope that the developer does look at this board for suggestions.

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