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Rhino's Rebel Repaints

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try saying that ten times in quick sucession!


EDIT: This thread will be updated from time to time (more accurately, whenever I get time to do some painting!). Be sure to check back often!



X-Wing #1+2 + Y-Wing #1+2           = Post #1

YT-1300#1 "Spear of Alderaan"    = Post #15

X-Wing #3                                        = Post #19

HWK-290                                          = Post #36

A-Wing                                             = Post #41

Spear of Alderaan - MM contest  = Post #46


I have a playmat coming soon, so hopefully some nicer pictures will be in order.


Right. I want to start up by thanking this community down to the ground for being so goddamn awesome on my Kath Scarlet repaint thread. You guys spurred me on a little to do a bit extra, an I hope to do an update to that thread in the next few days whilst I wait to muster up the courage to stick a brush at it again :L


In the meantime, I decided to repaint my two X-Wings and Y-Wings into a dark grey/blue weathered scheme, with a few of the details picked out in different colours (the exposed cables and whatnot on the Y-Wing were begging for it)


My idea is that a bunch of Rebel fighters (and thier pilots!) all got together under the banner of one particular minor-hero, and ran with this consistent colour theme, yet in thier own individual manners. I also really want them to look a little worse for wear, with the Y-Wing's in particular looking like they were cobbled together out of spare bits!



Without further ramble, the Y's:






aaand the X-Wings:






and for funsies:









Comments and Critisms are very welcome indeed, as always, I am in need of improvement!


EDIT: A Link to the full size images!

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But grey and blue are my favourite colours so I might be biased.


Thanks very much! I think I`'ll be doing most of my Rebels in this scheme, so that's very reassuring!


Hey Rhinoviru3


HERE is a conversion of the YT I did awhile ago with blue and grey.  Just so you can see how it could turn out. 


like the paints...!!!


Very nicely done! That confirms it for me; it has to be done now! :D

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YT-1300 #1 done!#


Apologies for the threadomancy all, I figured this is better than clogging up and making a whole new topic just for one new model. I can  update this thread as I go, now! :D


Without further stalling for time:









aand in flight with two X-wings:






I've noticed a horrible mistake or two with the 'rust' i've fixed it now and dulled all the brown down a little as the effect was a little too overpowering. Thoughts? :D


UP NEXT: Hwk-260

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You're doing a great job. They look cool. :)


A friend of mine has implored me to tell you that I yelled 'HOLY "&^$£, SABLE JUST LIKED MY POST", as he thought it would be a good laugh at my expense :L


Very kind, Ser! I shall endevour to carry on!


Daaaang!! Love that Falcon repaint!

I really like what you DIDN'T paint. You added enough to customize it, but not so much that you overdid it. The kinda rusty effect is sick too.


Thanks Hoosteen! I really like the whole panelled feel of the Falcon. Cobbled together stuff just looks sexy, so I decided to keep that consistant with my repaint, but with the added blue symbol to really make this ORS look like a member of my ragtag Rebel force.


I should really name my YT's...

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Update, a third X-Wing!






with the others:




in flight!




A second ORS and a HWK are half done-ish, plus I still need to finish the above one.

I'm off to a game tomorrow, hopefully I shall take pictures of these guys with a decent backdrop!


EDIT: after a few games of lucky dice rolling coupled with the backstory of my repaints, the YT-1300 has been named Spear of Alderaan. Just thought I should share :P

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Those look great... If I were a rebel player I think I'd have to personalize mine similarly... but ..... I keep trying to figure something consistent for my Imps.. lol


I'm having the same problem! I really want to add...something, but it needs to work for me. I'll probably make my own flight and make them have thier own little 'thing' (like how 181st have blood stripes for 10 kills, etc)


At present, my TIE's are just washed. That's it :L

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Yeah, I have a couple with red chevrons on the top of the wing on tie fighters and a couple with skull and crossed bones.. lol then I have 2 painted yellow as guards for my school bus shuttle.. If I could do it I would love to put imperial emblems on them like Rodent Mastermind did.. but I tried and I just can't get it to look good... threw some large decals of imp symbols on a couple shuttles.. I like that look a lot.. and doing a kath scarlet repaint on a firespray... so.. A few irons in the fire.. lol

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I've actually been thinking of something along both those lines. I had been playing with the idea of the orange stripes diagonally on the top and bottom .. though I like both of these ideas.. lol.. maybe I'll do one of each.. thanks for the ideas..

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