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Hi there,



from the pictures put online I have already found historical mistakes.



-Kitanosho-jo was not a castle of the Uesugi clan, but the main castle of Shibata Katsuie, an Oda clan vassal, which burned down with him. Kasugayama-jo was the main castle of the Uesugi.



-Kiyosu-jo was the main castle of Oda Nobunaga at the beginning of his campaign and never a Tokogawa castle.



-Inuyama-jo was not a castle of the Tokugawa either.



I hope you have still time to fix this! If you need help with castles, clans and history you can contact me. Please don’t screw this up!


So has anybody who has the game checked to see if the castles and clans match up historically? The above post really put a red flag up for me about this game. Not that it's really thematic, but it would still be nice if it were accurate.

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