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voidmaster in need of fellowship fixing

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Well, with adequate origin options and proper training in Charm from Navis Scion, it's not such a pain really. Magisterial House Navigators don't really have a problem with mutations I think.... If you have, let's say, a base-line toughness of 40 at character creation. The background bonus gives you + 20 for having "pure genes" whenever you roll to gain a mutation from raising powers. Then, you can simply use a fate point to boost that critical toughness roll to + 30 when you gain new powers. So, your gorgeous Navigator diplomat has to roll a 74 or lower, I'd say that's a pretty good chance you won't get any nasty mutations. Playing anti-sociable and monstrous Navigators who are only good at ship stuff is ridiculously boring (to me). Take a challenge and become the socialite of the party (or the second-best at least).



I play a Navis Scion who is the second in command of the ship.  He doubles as the Senaschal.  I love it!  Navis Scions actually make awesome Socialites and commanders.  Unfortunately mine is also heavily mutated due to some unfortuante reasons.  But he can hide it with a huge collection of masks as well as heavy robes and such...nevertheless, his fellowship is ridiculous!

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