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Found 3 results

  1. OfficialRules

    Star Wars: Legion Official Rulings

    This thread will be updated periodically with answers to rules questions that the Star Wars™: Legion developers receive via our Rules Submission Form. If you have a question that you believe isn’t answered with our current documents, please check the following list before submitting your question: The question is not answered in the game rules, FAQ, or another existing rules document. The question is not answered in the thread on this page. Your question is not a tournament procedure or event-related question. (Those can be sent to OrganizedPlay@FantasyFlightGames.com.) You wrote a rules question (not a request, statement, etc.). This thread is an official source for game rulings, in addition to all documents on our website. Star Wars: Legion Rules Reference
  2. Hello, This is your place to post the details of events that you or your favorite local game store are hosting, to look for events and players near you, and to share your experiences with Star Wars: Legion Organized Play. Please be sure to add "SPOILERS" to the title of any thread or post that reveals spoilers from the Organized Play operations. Enjoy!
  3. Welcome to the community forums for the Star Wars™: Legion miniatures game! This is your place to share your enthusiasm for the miniatures game of thrilling infantry combat, to discuss the latest game-related news, and to debate your most effective tactics. We just ask that you keep your conversations civil and abide by our standard expectations for community forum etiquette. Thank you, and enjoy!