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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome to the community forums for The Investigators of Arkham Horror! This is your place to meet and converse with others who suspect there is something… more… to our reality than can be proven empirically. Discuss your favorite stories from The Investigators of Arkham Horror. Share your thoughts about the different threats against Arkham and humanity. Dissect the personalities of your favorite investigators in order to determine the sources of their heroics. Just be sure to keep your comments civil and your language appropriate for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Enjoy!
  2. Welcome to the community forums for RuneWars: Miniatures Game! The next great battles are coming, and this is the place for you to discuss your battle plans, build your armies, and ready yourselves for war. HOWEVER, this is not the place for the wars themselves. Please keep your language civil and respectful of all. We want this community to be welcoming. Here, you are neither Daqan Lords nor the legions of Waiqar the Undying. Here, we are all one community, the fans of a game that features fantastic miniatures, innovative rank-and-file combat, and countless ways to customize your forces. Enjoy!
  3. Welcome to the community forums for New Angeles! This is your place to discuss all your favorite aspects of negotiation and manipulation in the Android universe. What's your favorite corp? What's the best way to leverage your influence during business deals? How do you identify a corp with Federalist leanings? Share your favorite strategies and your best tactical tips. Just be sure to keep your language clear and respectful for forum users of all ages and backgrounds! It's time to make your offer… New Angeles is open for business, and business is good!
  4. Welcome, investigators, to what may very well be the last sane conversation you may ever have… Sinister forces are at work in the quiet town of Arkham, in Arkham Horror: The Card Game, and it's up to you to stop them. A blend of the traditional card game and roleplaying experiences, Arkham LCG is a cooperative Living Card Game® that affords you and your fellow tremendous freedom to work against the forces of evil in your own fashion. Adventures weave together into campaigns that allow you to peel back layer after layer of mystery. Who will you become? How will you retain your sanity in the face of madness? Will you cover up the evils you uncover in order to prevent a larger panic? Will you dabble in the arcane? This forum is your place to discuss the game, its investigators, its challenges, and your strategies. Just remember that there are otherworldly forces at work, and more eyes than you might expect, so keep your language and conversation civil at all times.
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