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  1. I actually heard about Descent for the fist time two months ago. Since corona, my family and I got into boardgaming. I saw a copy of Descent at the local gameshop and at home I immediately searched the internet. A couple of weeks later I learned about Legends oft the Dark. In my opinion, with my fresh point of view, I must say this game looks overwhelmingly awesome to me. What really shocked me though, was the amount of negativity about it on all kinds of forums. To me, it all sounds a little bit like the way my mom reacted when I was 16 years old and started playing my metal and punk tapes really loud. I get that, when you like a game realy much, you want the publisher to keep creating content. But for new potential buyers, like me, it is only normal that new games are going to be developed. I really hope the best for this NEW game (whitch is not the 3rd edition to your beloved Descent 2nd). FFG is a company. Companies have to make money in order to stay a company. With money the make new things. With money they improve and support older products as well. So I guess it would be a great idea to positively stimulate new products that create new revenue, and maybe lead to improvement and support for older products. For me, ... I've already preordered my copy. I paid 140 euro. That's about 165 dollars. Most big kickstarter games are more expensive. So what's the fuzz?
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