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  1. That I understand, but that **** is my mission now. Imma beat that starhawk if its the last thing I do
  2. Just need to say "clickety clackety, I roll to attackety" and the dice gods will help these lists along XD
  3. Sounds good, but which superweapon upgrade will work better? Particle cannons for range or composite beam turbolasers for effect?
  4. Uuuh im not the one using the starhawk. And the other player is free to choose whatever ships they want. At the very least, the other fleet does not contain a starhawk
  5. Would an isd still be an effective carrier? In a 200 point list it will take more than half, but it seems like the only ship that might survive to the end of the game
  6. Please help. I am an imperial player and getting absolutely SLAUGHTERED by starhawk in games of rebellion in the rim. I know there's the strategy of killing everything BUT the starhawk, but in Ritr, with only a 200pt fleet start they are using pretty much just starhawk and medium transports.
  7. Hi all, just sharing one of my ideas Would absolutely love to see Doctor Aphra as an operative for the empire. Not totally crazy as she has worked with Vader in the comics and is not op. Lots of potential I think and definitely a character with a lot of depth https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Chelli_Lona_Aphra
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