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  1. In the PC videogames, double front mean nothing on the rear. In the game, it need 4-5 shot from a tie to destroy a Y-wing without shield, and 2-3 for a X-wing. They should have balance their shields when TIE fighter show up, because it was like fighting them without shield if they catch you from behind (but like playing with renforce on front)
  2. I add one signature, but I already lost hope. I pre-order all the ship I want to have in english (in my FLGS T2J at Paris, I would have been very sad if I was forced to go in another shop like for executor), but if a french version show up, my next ship will be in french. But I will not rebuy ship I have in english, I will be a mix of language and it will drive me mad ^^ I am very sad of it, I love supporting games in my language (and I like to play with people where english is really a barrier for them).
  3. I read a lot and don't speak, but i want to say the same thing as Rtannu : I still play to some old games like Heroquest and Space crusade, which are more than 30 years old. I know that in 30 years, I will still play to IA with my friends because this game is so great. I also know that a lot of videogames I buy less than 15 years ago didn't work on my computer anymore, so I decided to never buy a game that cannot work without an app. Because we know the app will be discontinued at a moment, and impossible to have again (That's why I download the pdf for points in X-Wing, for when they will not be update again, and then I will print them and put it into my card folder to keep playing for a long time ). So please FFG, don't make a game with app only. An app like legend of the alliance is a great app, I spend hours with it, but i also have great fun playing the imperial side. If you want a game without someone playing the DM, please look games like DungeonQuest or Mices and Mystics.
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