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  1. Sorry for necroposting I guess but how long does this whole waiting for approval thing takes? a few days? weeks?
  2. Hello, I'm a new SW:Legion player and I bought a Clone Wars Core set and divided the 2 armies for myself and my friend. I took the CIS army because I always like General Grievous and now I'm thinking of ways to expand my army for both Skirmish and standard games. Most players in my local scene only just started playing so everyone only have core sets right now(both the first core set and Clone Wars) but we are planning to expand our armies. From what I gather from reading various posts here and in other places the way to go for CIS is to bring tons of B1 Battle droids and then multiple of the same heavy hitters(BX sniper strike teams or AAT). My question is whether it is possible to play CIS without having to rely on the B1s? I understand that they are very essential to CIS' activation control but I want more variety in my army and not just bring 2 types of unit. For example: an army with Grievous, 2x B1 Battle Droid, 1x B2 Super Battle Droid, 1x BX-Series /w Vibroblades, 1x BX-Series Strike Team /w Sniper, 1x STAP and 1x AAT Would this army work? It won't have the activation control of an army with 6x B1 and 3x BX strike teams but I just like the variety of units. In case the above list doesn't work I have made another list with less variety but might have more activation control: Grievous, 4x B1 /w E-5C, 2x STAP, 1x AAT Would that one work? a bit bummed that I can't bring a BX unit though(STAP was chosen because they have coordinate). As for skirmish games, at the start I would just bring whatever is in the Core Set but eventually I'll replace the Droidekas with either 2x STAPs or 1 AAT. Is the AAT a good choice for Skirmish games or is it too easy to get flanked because of the smaller battlefield? and better yet, is it a bit tryhard to bring an AAT for a Skirmish game? I guess those are all my questions for now. The inputs I get will decide what expansions I will buy next. Thank you very much in advance!
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