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  1. BREAKING: Even though @Sarre hated City of Archives, @Jaync may feel encouraged to know that it's just been voted as "Better Than A Phantom of Truth" in this Twitter poll! Editor's note: I haven't played any of the other scenarios in the poll, but I did like City of Archives a lot. (Also: spoilers in the comments so don't read them.)
  2. I started to read these as I'm on my second run through, but then hit something I hadn't encountered in the first one (or, at least, didn't remember) so stopped. But I'll offer an alternate perspective — while everything you say is true, I kind of liked the surprise of the random consequences, and having to deal with those. I've never had an investigator with that much trauma before! But I felt pretty boss to finish with 6 mental trauma on Minh but she wasn't insane. I don't think I would have felt as satisfied if I'd known how to avoid a bunch of it. For me, it was enough to know that it felt unfair to a lot of people, so I was prepared for that and then it didn't bother me as much. If I hadn't known that, I think I would have felt a lot more upset. On my second run, though, I am using the supply spoilers. My usual rule is that I can't write down tips for future playthroughs of the campaign — if I want to benefit from my prior experience I have to remember what it was that would have been a better move. (My theory is that this will keep the campaigns fresher.) But in this case I did decide that having experienced supplies once blind, I didn't have to do that way again. So, you absolutely should make the decisions that seem like it will make the game most fun for you, and that certainly might be by getting tips from someone who's already experienced the campaign. I just wanted you to know that it's not impossible to have fun if you go in blind.
  3. Hilarious! I’ve got Ursula and Finn in the Wilds right now and they could use a donkey companion just for the moral support. They’re feeling kind of overwhelmed at the moment.
  4. So true on supplies. They're a no-win situation pretty much. Welcome to Arkham Horror! 🤣 I can see why you might find Depths of Yoth the worst. We (Akachi, Minh and I — my pandemic bubble is apparently bigger than I thought!) got our asses handed to us but I did have a memorable thing happen in that scenario where Akachi was saved from imminent defeat by, of all things, a draw from the encounter deck (when does the encounter deck ever actually HELP you?!?) so that was pretty wild. I can't see how to do spoiler tags on this site (weird?) but I wrote about it on Reddit if anyone wants to know how that happened.
  5. I knew that people felt that way about it so I just decided to be one of the people who loved it despite its flaws, and I did. I loved the theme, and there’s a great opening twist in one of the scenarios. There are definitely some things that feel unfair, but as a result, I had to take a Minh with 6 mental trauma (out of 7 sanity!) through the final scenario and when she survived it that was a great feeling. I did play on easy though I usually do standard, and I’ve heard it’s unusually punishing for true solo but I always play two-handed. So it might be worth adjusting your normal play mode. I thought about adding Return To, which fixes some of the things people don’t like, for my next run with Ursula and Finn, but I decided I want to see if I can use what I learned the first time to improve. Then I’ll add in Return whenever I do a third run. So I’d say if you go in with appropriate expectations, and are prepared to let the bad stuff roll off your back (which can amount to things like, “What? I have to take trauma because I thought a coffee filter would be more useful than a garlic press?!?”), you’ll have a great time.
  6. It’s okay. It seemed too good to be true (how would that have happened, like they were cleaning out the storeroom before Black Friday and they found one that had fallen behind a shelf or something?) so I wasn’t terribly surprised. And I’d already resigned myself to waiting until spring. I’ve now played through The Forgotten Age and it was great. I’ve still got TCU and Dream-Eaters to go and even Innsmouth may be complete before I get to do Carcosa, so I can keep myself occupied.
  7. Well, not surprisingly, I just received the following email: So, I am back in the "Waiting till spring(?) 2021" boat with the rest of you!
  8. Akachi and Minh survived TFA but only just barely — I had to spend all my late game XP on horror soaks because they had so much trauma! And I had to make a story choice I didn't feel great about; I'm not sure it was in character but they had limited options. (I mean, if your other choice is going to result in insanity in fairly short order, it's not much of a choice, is it?) So all-in-all I was satisfied. I didn't think they'd survive to the end of the campaign so I'm considering that a victory, particularly on my blind run! Next up: Back through TFA with Ursula and Finn. Trying to decide whether to add in Return or play it one more time without (I'm leaning towards the latter, so I can see how much I learned from the first run-through). And my son said he'd let me teach him Arkham if he could teach me Magic, so we're going to play Stella (him) and Wini (me), either in an Excelsior Hotel one-shot using the starter decks upgraded to 19XP, or starting Dunwich with a slightly modified Wini deck so she won't die from That One Treachery that's bad for investigators who move through their decks quickly.
  9. A Thanksgiving miracle! So I woke up this morning to a restock alert on A Phantom of Truth from a store where I didn't even remember having set up restock alerts. I quickly bought it (for retail + $5 shipping, although I'm sure I would have paid more despite my vows not to pay inflated prices!) and was headed here to let you know where I'd gotten it so you all could get one too. But when I went back to the page, it's sold out so they must have only had one copy. Sorry. We'll see if I actually get it or if it was posted in error. But fingers crossed!
  10. Sure, I’ve done this for Innsmouth with my FLGS, but I only started playing this game during the pandemic, so I had a lot of content to catch up on. A subscription is great for new items, but for old ones, those of us who are new to the game are stuck with lots of nightmares (as is appropriate for AH!)
  11. People are crazy! I've never paid more than $20 US, including shipping, for a mythos pack. If this was your last chance to get it ever, I can see deciding it was worth an outrageous price, but not when you'll be able to get for 1/10th the price if you just wait a few months.
  12. This election chaos is still very much in my way! If any Americans here are able to concentrate on anything else you are much more focused humans than I am! As for In Too Deep, with Innsmouth (which also came out on a Friday IIRC), my FLGS emailed me on Saturday for payment and it was ready for pickup on Monday. So I'm expecting the same timeline here. Not as fast as my instant-gratification-desiring brain would want, but really fine since I'm not going to play the cycle until it's complete, and I don't typically incorporate player cards until then either (although I might break out the investigators before then). So there's really no need for me to be super anxious to get it, but, I still sort of am.
  13. Hooray for new toys! Wini & Harvey are due here on Friday. They are my last missing pieces other than Phantom (excluding novellas and Labyrinth, which at this point I don't have plans to buy) so I guess I'll have to stop tracking store inventory and just play the game!
  14. And you didn't pay $188, which was really the thing I was focused on here!
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