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  1. good point about the balance of Harvey and Nathaniel. Nathaniel has been the first character i've really burned through the deck (and not at all efficiently, either!). i played Daisy early on with NotZ but couldn't figure out how best to use her skills and assets. but that was so early on when i first bought the game and i was struggling with the rules. i'm hoping when i get a deck together for Mandy i'll understand better what i'm doing ~ ha! Excelsior sounds awesome! i definitely want to have Carcosa and another cycle under my belt before i attempt it, especially since i want to make sure my team is really solid. and i don't mind long at all! sometimes i see a short act or agenda deck and think: oh nooo, this is going to be over too quick! : D
  2. yeah, i have made these kinds of modifications to my own tastes as well. if i don't like a rule, i bend it (consistently, though, not circumstantially). and i've tinkered with the chaos bag to be not quite so brutal ~ i want to enjoy playing instead of getting killed two locations into a scenario. even so, i've had plenty of challenging moments (and have fled every Carcosa scenario so far). and when i play with Wini, i throw a couple of extra negative modifiers in because she definitely was kinda outta control in NotZ, so she needs more heat.
  3. you'll have to pry DoN out of my cold dead hands. i love that card! XD
  4. what a great story! looking forward to Murder at the Excelsior Hotel and would love to do it like you did, with a full complement of characters. i am still working my way up to a four-player team. Father Mat, Stella, and Wini are definitely in but so far my first outing with Nathaniel was a huge whiff, and Akachi is doing so poorly in Path to Carcosa, i might have to switch her out. I guess I don't need to two mystics on my team anyway. I'm thinking either Carolyn or Mandy might be my rounders but i haven't played with either of them yet. i definitely need a Seeker! i didn't pick up Harvey; how do you find he compares to the other Seekers? ~ * ~ i'm now three scenarios in with Path to Carcosa and while Dunwich had its moments of stressing and freaking me out, Carcosa is a whole 'nother level of anxiety; i'm not squeamish, but found myself actually not wanting to look at some of the pictures! i'm also starting to get really nervous about Forgotten Age and Dream Eaters based on some comments i've read about nightmarish scenarios in those. i love the Lovecraft theme, monsters, don't bother me, but i think i might need something to play on the side that's more thematically fluffy. XD also, as mentioned above, i'm not doing well with Akachi, can't seem to get her going, which is a shame. if she fumbles this next scenario i might have to tag Father Mat back in. the other thing i'm doing totally out of the rules is playing Duke as a third investigator (just to get a sense of whether i can handle three). he has no cards, and i'm only giving him one action per round, not using him to buffer damage/horror like an ally. he's found a few clues, killed some cockroaches, but honestly hasn't helped much beyond that so far, and was totally useless when i got swarmed at the end of Echoes of the Past! on the bright side, nobody's died yet (technically), so i'll keep him for the moment.
  5. this is true. after i got him killed for the fifth time in the final NotZ scenario, i decided to permanently retire him to go play with all the new characters instead. and there's so many to play with now i'm not sure i'll ever bring him back.
  6. i guess the recent insinuation that there would be no reprint on this scenario has got the scalpers feeling very bold! XD
  7. that last scenario is mean. technically everyone is dead if you resign. i say you get a do-over (and now you know not to give up!) XD otherwise, yes, you could start over with new decks either from the beginning or from that scenario (that's actually what i did).
  8. hahaha ~ this is the best! Stella has some good cards; i'm looking forward to getting her some xp so she can upgrade. haven't played with either Patrice or Sefina yet.
  9. do you mean Wini or Ursula? i know a lot of people like Ursula, especially for that expansion. I haven't made a Seeker deck yet, so she is one of the characters i'm contemplating. glad to hear you stuck with it! i had a similar experience, letting it sit a long time between my initial unboxing and now; there was a while i was thinking maybe i was too dumb for the game because i was really having a hard time wrapping my mind around the mechanics. never thought then to ask on a forum, but the youtube playthroughs and how to play videos really helped! good luck with the gaming group! hope they get sucked in! : D i already don't remember what i used to put Seth Bishop down (was also playing Father Mat); sorry to hear about poor Trish! there's some scenarios where even when you make it out alive--even when you win--you get dealt trauma in the Resolution. that's one of those rules i tend to, uh, skim past. XD
  10. you'll have to let us know how it works out! i'd like to play Sister Mary and Father Mat together, but i have the same concern, though I suppose building Mary's guardian deck might help balance it.
  11. ha! i probably did the same thing the first time through because i had to walk the rounds back ~ i could just tell something was wrong because the gameplay wasn't making any sense as i wandered around killing alligators and leeches. i think it's that mashed up instruction on the agenda about shuffling the encounter deck, adding the Rougarou encounter cards, and spawning the Rougarou itself. it tells you to do three different things and it all runs together in teeny tiny print! nice! i am looking forward to playing Silas in this one! ha! welcome to the game! i had the same experience trying to learn it, having never played an lcg before. it literally took me four times through the first scenario to really grasp the mechanics and start to form a strategy. the good news is, it gets easier (understanding how to play, not the scenarios themselves; some of them are tough!). anyway, glad to know Wendy made it out alive at least! : D
  12. oooh, i can't wait to take Wini and Mat through Forgotten Age! bwhahaha ~ the nastiest priest! mine's still on the right side of the Light, though he does have the Necronomicon a mean Shriveling going for him! and there was that incident in Dunwich where Wini didn't cheat because she didn't want to do it in front of the priest, but then later he had no qualms about sitting down at the bar and knocking back a drink (or two)! these characters are so much fun. wow! i don't know if i could keep up with all of that, though i am still sorely tempted to up my solo game to a three-investigator hand. and i am laughing so hard at Dexter setting himself on fire! XD i love Stella and had similar frustrations playing her with Nathaniel ~ couldn't get him to be useful for anything in Rougarou! i'll be starting Carcosa next weekend. like you, by the time i get to Innsmouth, quite a few packs might be out. i'm looking forward to replaying Blood on the Altar in the Return to version. I really enjoyed the Dunwich cycle a lot! this sounds awesome! Secret Name was one the last packs i had to get to finish out the collection. i haven't yet built a Seeker deck ~ thinking of going with Mandy Thompson, but Harvey Walters also sounds like a blast! : D
  13. i can't wait to take Wini through the Forgotten Age! i think she'll be fabulous for that cycle, though my Wini has a mix of things in her deck since i brought her up through Dunwich already. i'm holding off on Innsmouth as well, but moreso because i have a lot of stuff to play before it. i'm hoping by the time i get to it, a good number of packs will be out. i had a lot of fun with Father Mat in Dunwich! i agree the Rogue/Seeker combo was big fun! i'm taking a gaggle of girls to Carcosa (Stella and Akachi), but i'm looking forward to playing Sister Mary down the road. my first outing with Nathaniel was a huge disaster, so i don't know who will be the better boxer in the end at this point ~ ha! ~ * ~ i just played through Curse of the Rougarou--twice (with Stella and Nathaniel). the first playthrough i botched so bad; there was so much to keep track of and i blew it every turn (sometimes in my favor, sometimes not). the first time i went after the Rougarou even though my heart wasn't in it (poor werewolf!). after i realized i had botched the playthrough, i decided to take a different strategy the second time through (though i feel like it was kind of cheating because even though i didn't know what the outcome would be, i had a sense of where i needed to go and what i needed to accomplish). hilariously, the different choices resulted in some unexpected impacts (spoiler below):
  14. oooh, i'm so tempted to open the box to get Sister Mary, but i'm going to behave until i'm a few more expansions deep. : D
  15. are you playing a campaign? just doing a single cycle, or going after that blob that ate everything? we need a check-in space to share our journeys! use the spoiler bars if you mention any details. i just finished the Dunwich Legacy cycle with Father Mat and Wini Habbamock and man, what a finale! barely made it out alive by the skin of my teeth after thinking things were going too easy. i had no trouble breezing through both Miskatonic Museum and The Essex County Express (which was super-fun; i want to play it again!). Blood on the Altar was great even though i did terrible on the objective (sorry villagers!). i didn't understand Undimensioned and Unseen at all and i don't think i played it right because it was too easy and felt kind of dumb. Where Doom Awaits was awesome ~ this and the train were my favorite. as for Lost in Time and Space, holy moly, the induced anxiety was really almost too much: i'm letting Father Mat and Wini take a break from the campaign for now. instead, i'm going to play Nathaniel Cho and Stella Clark through Curse of the Rougarou (so they can gain some xp, hopefully ~ and no, i'm not paying xp to play the side quests because that's just silly). ; o p so again: where are you at? : D
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