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  1. Also - if you're moving on to your first full campaign, I'd reco usuing the opportunity to start over with new decks and investigator types. It's actually an important skill in the game as a whole to learn how cards can interact with each other, how to focus your build, but still be versatile, etc. You'll probably make some mistakes, but it also gives you a chance to learn from whatever mistakes you may have made with your NotZ decks. I'm on my 4th campaign now, and still figuring it out, so starting early is probably gonna be helpful!
  2. I ran Dunwich with Rex and Jim, and I took a lot of Trauma. If I could do it again, I've have made Jim more of a black mage, given him more of a combat focus from the start. It could have been a viable pairing, but someone really needs to be able to destroy some monsters at certain points. Also, as I learned from TFA, evading can be really useful. Exhausting monsters allows for a lot of possibilities.
  3. I've definitely come to think of Actions as the central currency of the game - they are a valuable and limited resource! Have also become more aggressive about mulligan-ing, and building a deck with an expectation of getting a few important cards out early.
  4. I'm now just preordering from Asmodee as they're announced. It's the only way to be (mostly) sure. Would prefer to support a B&M retailer, but with the fulfillment problems Asmodee has been having...
  5. That's a good rule. I think we did redo our decks XP-free a little bit after the first scenario - I realized I didn't understand how Solemn Vow worked, had it under WY instead of CF. And we developed the decks a bit as we leveled too. But we were actually doing really well up until this scenario, which just demolished us 🤪 We have found that these two pretty much need to stay together a lot, which makes very time-sensitive missions (like TUO) more challenging. Will definitely do some deck-tweaking before moving on to Phantom of Truth.
  6. Or to put it another way, replaying TUO 3 times basically gave us a real-life mental trauma!
  7. We thought about taking trauma to offset our 'taking liberties' with the rules, but after our third playthrough, we were so angry at the game that we didn't want to give it the satisfaction Honestly, our anger and frustration felt like punishment enough! Maybe next time we'll do a little more deck-juggling. It really hurt us that William Yorick basically couldn't investigate at all - if I'd swapped in Newspaper for Dig Deep, things might have gone a bit more smoothly. The rules are a little unclear that you can continue with a new team after a total wipe, though I know many people read them that way - it says "If there are not enough investigators to continue the campaign, the campaign is over and the players lose. Otherwise, the campaign continues. (Each player whose investigator has been driven insane must choose a new investigator from the pool of available investigators.)" This reads to me that you can only continue with new investigators if at least one player escaped the asylum - otherwise the campaign simply ends. Otherwise, I think we probably would have continued with new Investigators at 0, which might have made a bit more thematic/narrative sense. Ultimately I feel like we did the right thing for us, but arg, this game can really be a rollercoaster of emotions! My play partner on this campaign had actually only played 'The Gathering' before, and had had such a bad, frustrating experience that she never came back to it, until we started Carcosa and she loved it. But I can understand, if someone had this frustrating an experience their first time out, that they might just abandon the game. I do wish there was sliiiiiightly more balance sometimes between 'the game's out to get your investigators' and 'the game hates its players'. Still, looking forward to Phantom of Truth! Maybe I hate myself! 😆
  8. (mild spoilers for Unspeakable Oath, City of Archives, and Where Doom Awaits) So, after 2 unsuccessful runs at Unspeakable Oath with William Yorick and Caroline Fern, on our 3rd run, we gave ourselves an extra doom on the 1st agenda. Then, on the third Act, when it became clear that there was still just no way we were going to make it out (we didn't find Daniel until the 4th Patient Confinement room), we decided that the resign was in the entrance, not all the way in the Garden - and even then we gave ourselves an extra few actions to make that work, b/c we were so frustrated and exhausted. Our decks and characters were just not built to succeed this scenario. Googling indicates that we're not the only ones who struggled with it. It's odd though that the scenarios that always seem to be the most difficult (for me, City of Archives and Where Doom Awaits) are the ones with the campaign fail conditions - though perhaps it's the campaign fail, rather than the 'pick yourself up and continue' present in most scenarios, that makes them seem more difficult. While I enjoy the cruelty of the game, these scenarios often have conditions where, if you don't have a deck built to withstand them, you are basically screwed before you even begin. WDA I accepted the bleak ending (and didn't replay, or advance to the last scenario), because it was so close to the end of the campaign, and it made sense for the narrative of my Investigators' journey to die on that hill. But CoA forced me to set aside half of my deck, making the scenario ruthlessly difficult, and I had to play it 3 times before I could continue, and it was only my foreknowledge of the agenda/act decks that let me advance. We were LOVING Carcosa until this scenario, and we're pleased to continue now that we've just kind of house-ruled our way out of the Asylum, but it leaves a bad taste in the mouth when I've gotta do that. It breaks immersion in the game world. And just from practical terms, we wanted to advance the story, and instead had to give almost two entire play sessions to this one stupid scenario. I get that many people feel that you should bend the rules because it's supposed to be fun, but my own feeling is that you can only bend the cruelty of Arkham so far before you break it. How do others of you balance the fact that the game is *supposed* to hurt your investigators, with these scenario conditions where victory is basically impossible and losing means the campaign is totally over, and you can't experience the rest of the story? (I assume the other campaigns also have similarly frustrating potential failstates).
  9. (Dunwich Spoliers) The penultimate scenario in Dunwich, with Rex and Jim. Both had a ton of trauma. Jim had been eliminated (insane), Rex had only one health left, and had three hunting monsters only a turn away. He was basically bleeding out and alone, clawing his way up the hill for one last hopeless chance. But he finally used the dynamite he'd been carrying around all campaign to defeat the enemy at the top of the hill. One last skill check, and he'd beat the scenario! He used every single skill booster he had left, and was almost sure to win. The ONLY WAY he could lose was to draw the elder thing, or the -5 that had been added at the end of the last scenario. -5. The universe was devoured. It was so Arkham though, I loved it. Didn't even replay to move on to the last scenario.
  10. I really enjoyed Dunwich, and it's a good pickup after Zealot for really learning the game. But strongly reco that you read 'The Dunwich Horror' before playing it, as it references the story and characters a lot. It's basically a sequel to the story. TFA is fun, but very different in tone, and seriously hard (play on easy your first time through). Worth playing though, but the Central American setting is somewhat less 'Arkhamy'. Carcosa can't be completed right now, Phantom of Truth is just not available anywhere, but I've enjoyed the first few scenarios a lot. Think about the standalones as well, especially Murder... (though they won't add to your Player Card collection). Whatever you do, if you want a full campaign, be sure you can find all the packs for sale before buying any of them. Stock has really been all over the place, you'll probably need to buy from multiple stores. And buy the whole campaign at once, if you can. Don't trust that something in stock today will be there tomorrow.
  11. TBH, given how difficult some things have been to find, and how quickly things have gone out of stock even on FFG's site (sometimes in hours), I'd buy what you can find and afford ASAP. I've *just* managed to complete my collection, but it took a ton of time and not a small amount of luck (and money!) to do it. Forgotten Age is a neat campaign. It's more Indiana Jones-ey horror, so it has a bit of a 'change of pace' feel from the other campaigns. Play on easy! It's brutal... And be leery about destroying the temple - I wish I hadn't...
  12. We're doing OK on our current run with William and Caroline, who we chose in part b/c they seemed thematically appropriate. We were doing great until the 4th Scenario. No spoilers, but just - be very, very aggressive about getting into the basement quickly. William I've found to be a little dull, if effective. He mostly is beating things to death with his baseball bat while Caroline does the interesting stuff. Survivor may just not be for me though.
  13. I use the Broken Token core box divider for my player cards, tokens, and investigator cards https://thebrokentoken.com/compact-card-game-organizer and the Go7 diver for the Return to boxes to store the campaigns https://go7gaming.com/product/ahl-001-for-arkham-horror-zealot/ Neither of these actually need to be glued together. I also have Go7's core box divider for my second core, but the token box on that one does need to be glued. Other than that, I like it more than the Broken Token - just feels a little better quality, and the slots are more customizable. But the BT is still really good. https://go7gaming.com/product/lgc-003-v2-insert/ I was on the fence about the Return To... organizer until I got one, then I immediately bought 3 more for the other Return To boxes. The section dividers are just too useful in keeping things separate and organized, even with the special organizer cards that come with the Return To boxes. Especially if you put more than one campaign in a single Return To box.
  14. If anyone's looking for Thousand Shapes of Horror, there's a few Amazon UK third party sellers that have it at non-outrageous prices. I got it for $30USD shipped (more than I should have paid, but worth it just to not have to keep checking Asmodee 10 times a day).
  15. Sigh... Asmodee just cancelled my Weaver of the Cosmos order too. Fortunately this one's not as difficult to come by, but still...
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