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  1. Cruz is the most Bib Fortuna human imaginable. Don't sully the Fett name.
  2. Oh man, I hadn't thought about MTV-7 and MLC-3 in a very long time. I'd love to see those come back.
  3. Hi Acrin, what paint did you use for the red on the tank? Thanks!
  4. I can only assume Atomic Mass's website will be getting a major overhaul to handle the additional IP and brand.
  5. See everyone at the Atomic Mass Games forums! Oh wait... 😪
  6. Maybe a full Burning Man-style art car transformation?
  7. It just occurred to me, but this ugly vehicle could still work if one paints and brings a Sabine Wren army to the table. I know she's just an operative, but maybe she still gets full creative control of the army???
  8. I prefer a physical rule book. However, that's not going to fly with frequent updates.
  9. You mean the kind with the force? Oh yeah. Some of my favorite Star Wars duels from the films and the Clone Wars series involve older combatants. I'm not offended by the lackluster swordplay in New Hope, but I would be perfectly fine with having another version of the myth in its place.
  10. I might be into the idea of reshooting the New Hope duel with these two though.
  11. Man, a miniature war game company sure could carve a chunk out of this cash cow for itself...
  12. I'd potentially be down for an Old Clones limited series. One episode is an Old Boba episode. Another is an Old Rex. Maybe we get an Old Cody in there as well.
  13. But seriously, can we talk about the SIZE of this vehicle? Per the Rebel Alliance Sourcebook Second Edition (Page 115):
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