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  1. Already thought about that and these are exactly my stats
  2. Hey ho guys, was kinda out of touch with this thread but got back up and read through all discussions and tips. And i have settled on Niman. For everyone who is in a similiar spot I will lay down my thoughts: Circumstances: My character is a Jedi Padawan and i want to progress to Knight, for narrative reasons. To flesh out my Character i wanted to take a Light Saberform as the third spec (rather second and Knight third). Contestants: As mentioned i was contemplaiting Light Saber forms. The following were contestants: Makashi, Soresu, Ataru and Niman. Now we get to the gritty Stuff: My characters Job outside of combat will be two to threefold: Co-pilot, little bit Mechanic but most of the time be a source of "Jedi-Knowledge". The last part to a degree as Kanan is to Ezra in the Rebels series. Without the necessety of my char being the Face guy (which is also bad since i will GM at least 40% of the sessions) Makashi was on the cutting board. The nail in Makashis coffin is, that we are not playing in the old republic, and that our enemies include Storm Troopers, Inquisitors Bounty HUnters and the like. For all but Inquisitors Makashi just feels bad so thats that. Next to Soresu. Soresu is supposed to be the best defensive Form (lore wise) but every defensive thing it does Niman + Knight can do better. This means the only true benefit of Soresu would be to have Int as the Lightsaber characteristic. Niman on the other Hand allows my char to aquire a higher force rating, being the better defensive Form. This plus the fact that i can cover the Jedi Teachings and mechanic stuff by talents made me cut Soresu. So now it was down to Ataru and Niman. Ataru being the best offensive Form (HBS + SS is insane), having the second best utility (HBS, quick strike and quick draw jump up and saber throw) and having Ataru technique. Esp. the technique is a huge plus for Ataru since piloting stealth and ranged combat are Agi based. Niman on the other hand offers the best utility (draw closer, FR, force push if check failed, sum djem and so on), it is insanely good defensively (3 ranks of parry and reflect and 2 defensive training) while it is suprisingly good offensive with draw closer, sum djem and force push. It only weaknesses (the absence of improved parry and reflect) are shored up by knight. Also Padawan has temple training which boosts the offensive capabilities and Knights saber throw adds well to the Kit. So all in all Padawan/Niman/Knight (PNK) > Padawan/Ataru/Knight (PAK) for me. The only thing where PAK excells PNK is when fighting minion grps, since HBS and SS make them the meat grinding death spinning jedi of doom +2. In all other aspects i feel PNK is superior. Narrative wise: I like both PNK and PAK. PNK feels much more like Kanan, Rebels Ashoka or Cal Kestis (after Ilum) while PAK feels a whole lot like Ezra or Clone Wars Ashoka, and i imagine my character to be more like Kanan or Cal after Ilum. This ultimately led to my decision. I hope my thoughts are clear, and that they are helpfull to others. Again huge Thx to all of you.
  3. Thx for the suggestions but i want to have a LS Form as 2nd or third spec. (Knight and Padawan being the other two)
  4. Another Question: My Party seem to have settled on their Lightsaber progression, i.e. which form they wanna pick. One will go Ataru one will go Niman one is undecided between Soresu and Shien but will likely go down the Shien Route. In this composition which would make mire sense on a forth char. Doubling up on Niman or Ataru or take another Form to cover another angle like dueling with Makashi or going berserk.
  5. Can you elobarate why you recommend Niman over Ataru? Is it because of the Force Rating the defensives or is it just plain "better" or more fitting in conjunction with the Jedi Specs.
  6. I had the same question and that greatly depends on what you try to accomplish after being a capable Knight. One road to go down is the Jedi road. There is Master, if youd like to go a more in a "Obi-Wan"-ish direction or you can channel your inner Anakin and go into General. The second one makes you an even better leader while the first makes you a better force Dude so to speak. I guess it totally depends on what you want to do after Knight
  7. Misread saber swarm. My question is something like this: is it recommended to stick to a onehanded LS as Ataru striker bc of Saber Swarm outscaling the linked quality of a dual bladed saber. Or does a dual blade ataru striker has is merits
  8. Buildwise, would it make sense to have a dualbladed Light saber and dedicate the force points into ebb/flow and also have the linked quality from the lightsaber or is it better to just have saber swarm active with 2+ force points dedicated to it
  9. Regarding the point of me being the GM and me having PC. I know that this could be a problem. But it wasnt in 15+ years of playing role playing games like the dark eye (a german rpg) and other systems, so i think it wont be one here. Future plan is when we are all familiar with the system to rotate the GM duty and see how it works. One final question on Dual wielding: i get that an attack with two weapons at the same time comes with its penalties. How is it if my char wields one offensive and one defensive LS and only attacks with the offensive one. Would that count as a dual wielding attack from a rule stand point?
  10. Hi Guys first and foremost thank you for all replies. I have talked to the rest of the group and most of us have settled our planning. And i made a mistake in my first post regarding the stats of my character: its: Agi, Int, Brawn and Will 3 rest 2. My plans go something like this: Padawan -> Ataru -> Knight. Reasons for this: HBS sounds darn funny and the narrative of me and the pilot having the same sword master is appealing to both of us so this is settled. Knight as a career is something i would like to achiev so taking it immediatly feels kinda wrong. Plans for Force powers: Ebb/Flow, maybe Enhance and Bind (houseruled to function more or less like Kylo stopping blaster bolts and Cal Kestis "Timestop") Right now i am in the Padawan tree working on FR: 2 and plan on going down to the padawan sig abilities like temple training. Since we wont get the chance to learn LS Forms in the next 3-4 Sessions (they are already fleshed out pretty much) i am also trying to get Dedication to inc. Agi and then go into Ataru. A few questions on Lightsabers and the crystals. We are close to finishing our first adventure. The players found a holocron and materials needed for hilts. In the next adventure I plan to give them possibility to find crystals (iif they choose to do they are taking several risks so they have to "earn" their lightsabers). Should they only have the possibility to earn "standard" LS Crystals or should they be somekind of special ones (like the Dantary or stuff) Next question regarding rules: Would the link attribute from a dualblade LS and atarus saberswarm stack?
  11. Hey guys. as the title says i need a little bit with the plans for my character. To give a little context. Our campaign is set shortly, i.e. a couple of years, ater the great Jedi purge. To be exact one year after the empire attacked the Mon Cala. Our Characters are a Jedi Padawan (me), a Warrior Starfighter Ace (our pilot), a Sentry Shadow and a Mystic Seer. In the long run every character wil want wield a lightsaber and learn a lightsaber form. This is were i am not certain which form to take with my character. Right now i am contemplaiting whether to spec into Makashi or Ataru. Im pretty sure that i can rule out Niman and Shien as those to are likely to be taken by our Seer (who wants to be a kind of force wizard) and our Shadow (the Technician). Im also pretty sure our pilot wants to go down the ataru road since he has a 4 in agi. Right now i have 3s in Agi, Brawn, Willpower and Pr as i liked a more well rounded approach to my stats and thresholds. With the arguments above aswell as my stats i have narrowed my "lightsaber form choice pool" down to Niman. Makashi, and Ataru. The percs of the specs aswell as their drawbacks, i.e. Ataru being a glass canon and Makashi being a lightsaber dueling spec, are clear to me. What i am contemplaining is more of a narrative vs. composition thing, if this makes sense. Makashi opens my Character up to being the on guy kkeping the Inquisitor occupied (our campaign will be centered around the inquisitorius) while other can do their job. Ataru opens me up to be much more of a meat grinder. The narrative benefit of Ataru would be that our grp could find a holocron of Yoda or even meet him in order to teach Ataru to my character and our pilot, while Makshi could fit better from a group composition standpoint. So im interested in your thoughts guys, and pls excuse my whacky grammar as im not a native speaker.
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