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  1. In the off chance you're asking semi seriously: it's him playing the character Odd Ball in the movie Kelly's Heroes.
  2. This. Pass that lock around the circle and let the missiles fly. 😎🍺
  3. Yeah; being Sep means he gets a hard pass from me unless he comes with an upgrade card that's a must-have for factions I actually care about—and in that case I might just wait for the aftermarket to catch up.
  4. Both of those ships are also in stock used at Hobbut. You can get them discounted well under retail and then add a Conversion Kit (or two). If you're looking to backfill a reasonably sizable collection from scratch (as I did) that is often way more cost effective than paying retail. There are also other places you can order them, again usually cheaper than from FFG back stock (if cost is your main concern).
  5. I believe those are the only two Scum ships I don't have any of, matter of fact. Located a source for a couple each, still in the 1.0 boxes, and I have plenty of Conversion kit material so that gap will soon be filled.
  6. I second the suggestion of more Fangs and M3s. I personally think Seevor makes an awesome filler ship so I’d go for one Mining Tie. Also agree, one or two other larger anchor ships to wrap the smaller ones around. Which ones seem totally up to individual taste. YV-666 to field the infamous Party Bus might be fun.
  7. I could be spectacularly wrong, and it would be far from the first time, but my thinking is FFG just overlooked the potential quibble over what “template” means and will soon clarify.
  8. Heh. I’d like to think these little jewels don’t share the problems Spamtex inflicts—but I’m far from expert at spotting related red flags. Simplistically speaking I’d think costed so you could just fit six naked versions of the cheapest one, but whadda I know? 😎
  9. Makes sense. Rebel is one of my factions and I got the cards to adorn my existing two Bs.
  10. Like my buying a couple of HMP Gunships to get the Sync Lasers even though I have zero interest in playing Seps? 😁
  11. I just upped mine from two to four. I thought about six then decided four was enough for now.
  12. I got the IntelliVoice module for mine. In the early 80s, while in the USAF, some of my crewmates and I would gather at my place for marathon games of B-17 Bomber. Two man teams, one would fly and do the bombing and the other would take over the guns when attacked. The team who just finished a bombing mission got to pick the target the next team would have to go after. Of course the suds flowed freely. Fun times.
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