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  1. Assembly of the model ist super bad... the leg construction is a bit weird and as new standard no assembly guide. i really hate the new design decission to spare the instruction. one of the arms is that bad on the sprue that i clipped the pin that is need to get it hold, so i must build a position that i dont really like. and my whole model seem to be skew... i think i buy a second one and wait for assembly instructions. so as warning: careful with cutting out the arms, and train the leg construction without glue to spare idiotic mistakes that i did
  2. Ehh... maybe stupid question: I was 100% sure that i read somewhere that you are not allowed to transport an Ewebblaster team with the imperial tank, but i dont find it anymore in the new ref rules. am i blind, or was i blind before and it was possible in the past? i mean with the abbility of shooting out of the tank that could be intresting. Only thing i found was that station troopers cannot use embark, but eweb dont have that keyword.
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