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  1. I need some help in how to properly deal with doom tokens in play. My current scenario (Devourer Below, Agenda 1a) has a doom threshold of 4. On the second round I drew Ancient Evils, which pushed the count to 3 doom tokens. My second investigator then drew and Acolyte, which requires 1 doom to be placed on it. However, we're past step 1.3 (Check Doom Threshold), so the doom count technically still remains at 3. At start of next Mythos Phase, I place 1 doom on the current agenda (step 1.2), and then check the doom threshold. There are now 4 doom tokens on the agenda plus 1 doom on the Acolyte. So do all 5 doom tokens now get removed since I'm advancing the agenda?
  2. I have a question about Roland's reaction ability, which reads as follows: "After you defeat an enemy: Discover 1 clue at your location. (Limit once per round.)" What happens if Guard Dog deals lethal damage to an enemy? Does Roland still get a clue? Assuming, of course, that there is a clue to be discovered on current location. Similarly, if Roland uses Beat Cop's free-trigger ability to deal 1 damage to an enemy, and that damage kills the enemy, does Roland earn a clue? I would think Roland would earn the clue in either situation since Guard Dog/Beat Cop are under Roland's control, and thus used as tools to defeat the enemy. Can someone please confirm?
  3. Not as bad as Janaka's string of back luck above, but Roland just drew two of these in a row. Yep, that would be two U's Wraths, each with a tentacle draw. Ooof.
  4. I have an Acolyte encounter card in play with 1 doom on it. Counting the doom on that threshold, I've now hit the Doom Threshold, which will advance the Agenda. Question: When I remove the 4 doom it took to reach the threshold, do I also remove the 1 doom on the Acolyte still in play? I would think so, but would like to confirm.
  5. Thanks guys, I appreciate all the tips!! And Sarre, your post just above couldn't ring more true. I'm trying to expand perspective, but man it takes a long time to set up and play through a game. I've only managed to fit in one session per weekend so far. Looking forward to getting in more play during the upcoming holidays.
  6. After multiple runs through the first two scenarios of Night of the Zealot, I'm getting ready to take on the third scenario (Devourer Below) and then move on to Dunwich Legacy. Looking ahead, I'd appreciate a few tips in advance. Is it recommended to play the new investigators included in the Dunwich expansion? Or is it acceptable to mix in an investigator from the Core Set? I definitely want to try Zoey Samaras. But I haven't yet played Daisy Walker, so thinking of taking her along for the ride. I haven't yet pulled the trigger on purchasing a second Core Set. Is it time? Seems like it will eventually become essential. None of the new Dunwich investigators have an agility higher than a mediocre 3. Should I be concerned about that, possibly mitigating by pairing Zoey with Wendy? I really appreciated the tactic of using Roland's combat skill with Wendy's high evade in NotZ. Investigators always start a new campaign with zero experience, right? If anyone would care to offer opinions on other investigator pairings for Dunwich Legacy, I'd love to hear it. Just no spoilers, if you don't mind. Thanks guys!
  7. Excellent!! I really appreciate that clear response. Totally makes sense now that Wendy's Amulet functions as a constant ability.
  8. Guys, apologies for the back-to-back questions today. Trying to get Wendy through a sticky situation. I have a question about how to properly use Wendy's Amulet relative to spending actions. I need to do a skill test versus a Locked Door. I'm planning to use Dig Deep to make it a 6 agility versus a 4 difficulty check. I have Wendy's Amulet in play, and my topmost event card is Lucky! If I fail the test by two or less, I plan to use Wendy's Amulet to play Lucky! and turn a failed skill test into a success. But does playing Wendy's Amulet count as an action? Or is it all considered part of the original skill test action? To further complicate matters, Lucky! is a fast card, so playing it wouldn't require an action. But I'm not sure if I still need to spend an action to activate Wendy's Amulet. I feel like I'm trapped in a logic loop here, second guessing the rules. Little help would be much appreciated.
  9. Can I play Look What I Found! at a location with a Locked Door attached? Can't seem to get a straight answer from searching the web.
  10. MM QUESTION #3: One of the location cards allows Investigators to spend a certain number of resources to acquire one of the Cultists. However, players must spend one action, and the card specifies "Group limit once per game." So one of my investigators will need to spend one action on their turn during the Investigation Phase. That part is clear. But if both investigators are at same location, is it legal for the other investigator to share resources to reach require total? As far as I understand it, investigators cannot share resources, so I'm guessing the answer is "NO." I've read that there is a card in one of the expansions that does allow for sharing resources, which by logic means resources should not typically be shared. Can someone please confirm?
  11. I loved how "The Masked Hunter" makes his appearance. Truly one of my fav moments of the game so far. It's awesome how the designers apply such tweaks to make this game feel so fresh and dynamic. And so many scenarios yet to explore!
  12. Thanks guys, I appreciate your help! And I'm happy to hear gaining two Cultists in the MM scenario isn't too bad. I was right on the cusp of earning two more, but then I drew a Cultist chaos token which helped push the Doom count to 8 at start of next Mythos Phase. I was sooooooo ready for Roland to play Dynamite too! Ah well, I'll hope to move more efficiently at next play-through.
  13. Well I ran out of actions before doom advanced me the end, so no chance to parley. Only managed to get two Cultists, thanks to two Obscuring Fogs, both placed on cards with 4 shroud value. Looks like I'll be running Midnight Masks again. Fun scenario, but man you really need to gobble up all those clues as quickly as possible. That Locked Door card led to a lot of confusion. The description reads: Attach to the location in play with the most clues, and without a Locked Door attached. The attached location cannot be investigated. This description raises a lot of questions, which I'm hoping you guys can help interpret for me: If all locations are still "unrevealed," am I supposed to peek at the "revealed" underside to see which cards have the most clues? And then assign Locked Door to one of those cards (either per Lead Invesigator's choice or randomly determined)? If the location that Locked Door gets assigned to is unrevealed, it still gets flipped to the revealed side when an investigator moves to that location, right? If there is only one revealed location with clues on it, then Locked Door gets assigned to that card, correct? The card text seems to specifically apply to using the Investigate action. Does that mean Roland can still use his special ability to gain a clue if he defeats an enemy at the Locked Door location? I think this card would have been better designed if it applied only to unrevealed locations, and simply restricted the card from being flipped to the revealed side until bashed in or lock-picked. But I realize I need to deal with the rules as they are. A little help would be appreciated.
  14. MM QUESTION #2: I just spawned one of the unique Cultists on an unrevealed location with a Locked Door attached to it. Do I need to resolve the Locked Door (either by bashing or picking lock) before I can Parley with the Cultist at that location?
  15. Ahh, yes--that asterisk!! I remember now about the Unique keyword. Thanks, Assussanni!! I appreciate the quick response.
  16. The Act 1a card for Midnight Masks instructs to "Find as many unique Cultist enemies as you can and add them to the Victory Display." It further clarifies that not all Cultist cards are in the set-aside Cultist deck. Does this include one copy each of the Encounter cards "Acolyte" and "Wizard of the Order"? It seems these cards would qualify since they have the Cultist tagline at the top. However, neither of those cards gives Victory points, so I'm left scratching my head as to whether they count toward the 6-card threshold to advance the Act.
  17. Thanks! I realize that was probably an obvious answer, but I wanted to be sure because I've never ran into that issue in the first scenario.
  18. Help! I'm playing the Midnight Masks scenario and am almost out of Encounter cards. Do I reshuffle the Encounter Deck and start drawing fresh from the top?
  19. Ahhhh...I think I get now. So I can choose to either buy a second copy for straight-up experience point cost on card, OR I can choose to upgrade same named card for the benefit of spending fewer experience points. I love it when you guys explain things and the lightbulb in my head suddenly clicks on. THANKS!!!
  20. Just about to start Midnight Masks scenario, but first need to spend experience points (8 points each for Roland and Wendy = Woot!!). Is it truly rules compliant to include both a level 0 card plus an upgrade of same card in an Investigator Deck? For example, a level 0 and a level 1 upgrade of Leo de Luca. I ask because the Rules Reference says to remove the lower level version of the card (pg. 5). Similarly, the Campaign Guide (pg. 3) for NotZ states: "If a player has a lower-level version of a card and wishes to purchase the higher-level version, he or she may upgrade that card by spending experience equal to the difference in level between the two. The new version is added to the deck, and the older version is removed." ALSO: The rules state that all cards cost at least 1 experience point, such as for adding a level 0 card to your deck. But when calculating the difference between a level 0 card and say a level 3 card, the math is 3 - 0 = 3, right? And not 3 - 1 = 2?
  21. Ouchies!! That's terrible. You pissed off any black cats lately? I recently drew 3x Ancient Evils in a row from the Encounter Deck, which in turn advanced the Agenda and brought me to quick annhilation. But your token pulls--9 bad draws in a row, if I can't correctly--sets a whole new bar!! I hope to never beat it. Wondering if anyone else here has.
  22. Very cool!! Just downloaded to iPhone and works like a charm. Thanks for sharing!!
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