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  1. Dooku gets speed 2 because he doesn't have relentless/charge like every other force user.
  2. Some of these replies that it's a cost saving measure haha! The plastic costs cents per KG. The difference in savings on 0.01mm of plastic is beyond negligable. The 5th Trooper did an episode the other day with the head of design and he actually went into depth about plastic casting and the process - It isn't a "set science" as many would believe, and not that many people have the knowledge to design plastic sprues to a high standard. FFG had to develop their own process. With that said, I would image GWs design is influenced by their earlier inability to cast thin parts. On reflection, this is probably why.
  3. They should never have published points values on the cards, and instead have an online database that gets adjusted every 3 months. It’s not an unreasonable expectation for players to have internet access in 2020. I hate rules erratas or updates (outside of new editions), but points should be a live value that allows for changes to the meta. There are some units that NEVER see play, and that shouldn’t be the case at all.
  4. How about only one strike team allowed for each full strength version of the same unit?
  5. If only there was a new commander they could introduce, that would theoretically cost 100ish points, making droidekas viable in a list, and had uttered the words “send in the droidekas!”. Give him a command card that full reactivates their shields or allows them to shoot twice or something. Entourage possibly.
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